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scene for insects

an extract, once again, of an older composition. my sketch folder is ready to explode.

as planned, i began leaving aside book covers from now on, and i will not accept any more work of this kind in the near future. and no, i am not doing this to find more time to relax, but in order to concentrate on my artbook expected for 2007.
and i will use this blog in order to do updates on this matter during the year.

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It looks nice, too bad it's only an extract. Can't wait to see the stuff to come. Keep posting, keep inspiring us, sparth. Let that folder pop ;) so we can see more.


bonjour, sparth. we were just checking out your blog. come over soon and go sailing with us!!!!
v,l,l,l,a,d,j,d III, c, c from CB


Wow, artwork from you? greaaat


I would say artbook, not artwork ;)


great to hear about your artbook!
another great painting! Simply love your work! Keep going


Awesome tones and surfaces treatment and above all great sensivity. Love the way you evolve.

Erik Mann

I was looking for blogs referring to Dallas and found yours. Great blog! I'm in Dallas and here's some info about me


For the fresh news it will be the best place!
Thank you for this new picture.
The atmosphere is cool.


great stuff as always! fan of your work here from san diego, CA. looking forward to your book!

E m m a n u e l l e . W a l k e r

M a s t e r f u l

Alina Chau

beautiful paintings!! Great work!


hey man.
I reall enjoy your color choices most times. you make it all blend in a most inspiring way.
although seeing more people pieces would be nice.
aye aye.

oh and if have time please do swing by my own sketch blog
just started it.
have a good day mister.

A. Riabovitchev

Beautiful sketch!


Very beautiful illustrations! Absurdo estas imagens são muito lindas!


I was at the Gnomon workshop this weekend. Thank you very much for your demonstration. Very informative and helpful. Did you notice how everyone was so enthusiastic after you got into it? Great stuff. Thanks you for sharing so much of your hard earned technique and for obviously putting thought into your presentation. You Rock!


Amazing paintings!!! I love your style


c'est toujours aussi beau

Jeff Durham

Terrific work! I've been all over your website on many occasions and I learn something new every time I go back and look. It's good to see you doing this-- more!


ufff! lovely! :)
beautifull light, it give such a powerfull romantic feeling to that BG

Bobby Chiu

Oooooh an art book! That will definitely be a must have.
will it have any tutorials?

Ray Frenden

Aspiring-type here. I'm glad to see someone in the field blogging!


wow, nice to see you in the blog comunity :)
great works, as usual. we`re all still waiting for a tutorial :D


your style is amazing!

Alina Chau

great painting!!


Inspiring work as usual.

And by the way, great lecture at the Gnomon workshop a few weeks back.


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