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two months later

there's been so much things happening since the beginning of my tinnitus. a lot of bad moments, but a lot of good moments too. i am going much better compared to july, but there are still days during which i wish my life could go backwards, the days during which silence meant something.
anyway.. the most important point is: i never stopped creating things even though i have been slowing down to take some rest. i'll post things soon.

take care you all
and once again, i will be forever grateful for all the help i have received because of that sickness.
thanks to all of you my friends.


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Mark Behm

Good to hear you are coping well, and that you haven't stopped doing what you love.


Ravi que ca aille mieux et que ca continue dans ce sens... Fais peter les illus now!

Eric Gerhard


It's quite good to know you're doing fine. I'm really glad you have recovered your health.



Glad to hear that you feel better now. I'm looking forward to see new stuff from you. Take care!


Good - was starting to miss the inspirational jab to the brain . Looking forward to seeing your next
few pieces and very glad to hear ( no pun intented )things are getting better somewhat . Take it easy man . Moving country twice in such a short amount of time can really cause hidden stress .My advice - chill and enjoy life and painting . Cheers and all the best .


Glad you are doing much better. I look forward to seeing more of your work in the future. By the way, your work and tutorials in the new d'artist:concept art book is very inspirational. Thanks for sharing that with us and thanks for choosing my image to add to the book.:) I'm extremely honored! And all this while going through these tough times. Wow!


Super !Je suis soulagé de voir que tu as surmonté la phase de depression due a ton acouphène. J ai le meme probleme, pas constant c sur, mais je connais malheureusement tres bien (j aime trop la musique !). Sim-r a raison, une part peut etre due au stress ou a la fatigue. Dans mon cas ca revient quand je commence a stresser, je suis designer auto et donc ce genre de desagrement revient donc tres souvent. Surtout surtout continue sur dans cette direction et ne te renferme pas sur toi meme, l acouphène a tendance a te faire croire que tu es seul face a ton mal. Et evidemment c est faux. Nous en tous cas on attend encore plus de ton travail ! et on pense a toi !


Virginia Valle
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