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blue divide

even though it has nothing to do with the illustration i am about to post, i just wanted to state how much i love miyazaki's owl's moving castle. watched it a second time yesterday. I find some sort of an abstract poetry in his approach. a bit like if your subconscious level could be the only one understanding what is going on and how strong the links are between the characters and the plot. a superb movie.

back to the painting. it's just another "throw your mind on the canvas" type of illustration. done fast, nervously. done as an urge. the blue tones are a tribute to a painting done by masana. even though they aren't as rich as his tones.

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A. Riabovitchev

It looks exactly like that in the forest opposite of my house when drank people play with fireworks in the evening!:O)


Yeah, tres sympa, ça fait plaisir de voir de nouvelles images plus souvent. =)
Et vi je suis d'accord pour Howl's Moving Castle, je crois que je l'ai même preferé la deuxieme fois.


really like this piece. wonderful colors!

Roland Mechael

I agree with you on Miyazaki's Howl's Moving castle, Most of his films has that poetic touch...and this quick painting you did is superb! really nice!

Virginia Valle
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
I found you first.

you have a great sense of seeing the grandiosity scenes and capturing them in epic detail.


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