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HNY 2007! - the rescue

two posts in 5 minutes. this one is done in order to wish a happy new year to all peeps visiting this humble blog. thanks for your support and comments. it keeps the motivation going on.
adding the first artwork done in 2007 too. sparth

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Dominic Bugatto

Lovely piece, thanks for sharing.

Mark Behm

And happy 07 to you too. I love how I can almost participate in this piece. The hint at the interior, the group dynamics of the group on the beach. The skiff-mech thing. Awesome.

Mark McDonnell

You're a GREAT inspiration man. I hope everything is working out with your ears. I added you as a link . . .

Happy New Year man!!!!



a continued inspiration. Excellent stuff


I love this one, especially the way you placed the masses and the colors' choice.

Happy new year too (and by the way to all of you !)


happy new year Nicolas, all the best to you for that 2007 thing!
great piece once again, still amazingly so efficient!
(the studies below are awesome too^^)
great first 2007 entry!!


MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANNNNNN , awesome work as alway!!! your work is great man, very very very inspirational to me... i see your website every day... and every day i find some interesting thing! thanks a lot for sharing! have we any chance to se a video tutorial about you painting?
2007 with a lot of paintings to you!


John U

Very nice execution and composition! I always like your random (apparently) textures and your Ralph McQuarrie-type people. Happy 2007 to you, too.

Michael Dooney

Man you are too good. One thing I really appreciate about your stuff is your ability to depict "real world" elements that make your fantasy scenes even more convincing.
I'd love for you to post a jpg of one of your pieces the actual size you work so we could see even deeper.
thanks for all the great art!


great way to start the new year


Really beautiful and I especially love the scale of the rock formations .I love epic sweeping compositions and you really do them so well . The smoke is a great touch . Fantastic work as usual .

Alina Chau

WOW!! Beautiful!!

Armand Serrano



Awesome Sparth!
When can we expect a dvd from you :D?

Charles Santoso

Hi Sparth,
I have been a fan of yours for years now. Thanks for all the inspirations.

All the best in 2007! and yes, a tutorial DVD or two of your tutorial will fantastic!



Très bonne année 2007 avec plein de nouvelles illus à nous offrir en dégustation !

Bobby Chiu

I love the vehicles you design. Thats something I can definitely improve on

Marcos Mateu

Beautiful. love the light, the composition and the idea.

Nathan Fowkes

Just found you. Love it when sci fi meets great design. Well done.

Adam Ford

Mindboggling as always! I am a huge, huge fan!


Your Paintings are amazing!

: )


from all of your works, i think this is one of best. The rock and the birds are very beauty.


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