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Structura is out!

Structura is finally here, or at least you can obtain it on the DesignStudioPress site for now. it should be on Amazon and other stores in the next days or weeks.
I am of course delighted to see the book being released. It is always a pleasure to touch the final object and have it in the hands: the quality of the printing is amazing. Not to say i am grateful to DSP and Scott Robertson for this project to see the day. I also hope it will match your expectations.


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Matt Scheuerman

Congratulations! Can't wait to purchase the book when it hits amazon. I look forward to being inspired yet again.


Woot! Félicitations!
Je l'ai déja en commande sur en fait vu qu'il etait prevu pour le 1er avril, j'espere qu'ils en recevront bientôt.
Prévient si jamais tu travers l'atlantique pour faire une séance de dédicaces à paris. =)


Felicitaciones Sparth, espero algún día comprar el libro!!

(just to have one post in English , in French and Spanish)


Danny Kim

Congratulations!! I must go buy the book. =)


I will certainly be purchasing this collection of your amazing work.


Félicitations !
Si je peux le trouver par chez moi, je m'en ferai cadeau ...

Kyle Bice

Congrats! I can't wait to get my hands on it.

Ben Mauro

turned out great sparth!


Finally, great to have all ur works compiled in 1 book!


looks brill.
Its on order!


Awesome! I just ordered a copy.

Jared Shear

Congrats!....can't wait to check it out.


can't wait!!

Vladimir Bursac

The book looks beautiful. Congrats! :o)


Congrats! It seems really beautiful like all your works! I look forward to have it in my hands!

(sorry for my bad english^^)

Kait K.

why amazon have it only in preorder...damnit ;(


I just got my copy yesterday and it's great, Sparth.

Keep up the great work.


Congrats Nic,
Looking forward to seeing it.

Eric Gerhard

Mr. Bouvier!

This is just great. I'm a great fan and its great to know you've released such book. It'll certainly be a great source of inspiration and learning.

Thanks for sharing.


awesome book.

Larry Bates

I had this on pre order since december last year. I love having all your stuff in a book I can look at when I'm not in front of the computer. Great inspiration. Thanks. So, when are we gonna see somethiing NEw? hehe just kidding.





awesome, congrats, Nicolas! Instantly preordered it through Amazon! :)
Can't wait!

Mr Loulou
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mr Loulou

Certainement énorme, comme d'habitude

mais aura t' on la chance de l'avoir en France, ou faudra t' il se retourner vers le net.

Ah oui j'utilise le français étant donné que je t'ai découvert ainsi que le dessin et le CG à travers Cafésalé.

En tout cas merci car si je dessine c'est certainement en partie grâce à tes travaux.

Je viens de créer un blog à dessins, si le cœur t'en dit et le temps te le permet, je serais heureux de savoir que tu y es passé.


Billy George

Got mine on order from Amazon- cant wait!

Jason Scheier

I ordered your book on Dec 29, 2006... just recieved it last week!! It's beautiful work Sparth.. So happy you released this amazing stuff.. Much Respect..


Kait K.

got it today :)
tried to look at traffic...missed few green lights :D


Eric "CIRE" Chiang

Congrats on the release. Its beautiful.


Mike Yamada

Congrats! I'm so glad that your book is finally available. Are you planning to do any signings in LA? I would be honored to have a signed version.


Your Book is today arrived from Amazon and it looks very nice! Congrats!

Stephen Barnes

Excellent, and ordered. The only thing left would be some large nice quality prints maybe *hint* ? :]


I had no idea it was out already! Going to purchase one asap!

Erwin Madrid

I just got the book. Beautiful artworks!

Billy George

Just got your book yesterday from Amazon. Its one of the most inspiring books I own now. Amazing stuff and these so much work! Beautiful reproductions.

Thanks for putting it together.


Got my copy yesterday and it is


Got my copy yesterday and it is awsome! Congrats on a top notch publication. Cant wait for the next one ...some pages of workflow in the next one maybe? (I wanna pick yr brain) :D

Keep up the good work!

Alina Chau



Just got it the other day. Absolutely love it!


I've had your title on order with Amazon since Nov and still waiting for delivery? Cant wait lol

Bobby Chiu

Congratulations Sparth! Looking forward to getting a copy.



Bobby Chiu

Congrats Sparth! I bought the book on Sunday. Looks wonderful


Just got hold of your book on Amazon.
Truly amazing. Inspirational and intimidating. Great work.

Jay Hong

I pick it up at comicon very inspirational!!

Matthew Lau

awesome! ill be sure to check it out!

Rodrigo Lara

WWWooww, very good art, exellent colors, desing and painting!!!!

Vladimir Bursać

Hey Sparth, are you OK, man? Why are you posting so rarely?
Drop a little sketch, at least! We'll be happy :o)


OK, les illustrations sont géniales. mais après cette avalanche de commentaires dithyrambiques, je vais me permettre une petite critique : ce livre est beaucoup trop petit !!! je ne parle pas du nombre d'illustrations (y'en aurait eu moins, j'aurais été contente quand même), mais bien de la taille de celles-ci. l'habitude du 21pouces sans doute... toujours est-il que j'ai adoré les illus, mais que je reste frustrée de la petitesse de certaines... c'est pas grave, j'attends le prochain avec impatience, et an attendant, je me régale avec le net.


Awesome book. Just did a book review on my blog as well.

Highly recommended for sci-fi art lovers.

Book Review: Structura: The Art of Sparth (with pictures and video)


c'est mon cadeau de noel :) merci de l'avoir sorti ce livre !!!

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