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medieval interlude sketch

First of all, Halo4 has been announced by Microsoft and 343Industries.
i'm proud being part of the adventure.

on a side note, I have been experimenting with so many techniques during these last months... it's sometimes healthy and fun going back to plain brushes and concentrate on shape balance and visual flow. here's a doodle done this way.

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Paul Lemarquis

Felicitations pour Halo 4!


These are super dope!

Xavier Yabut

Awesome work! I like the colors!


very inspiring work mr sparth.


You come with a good issue here. i am designer also..

:::::: >>>>

love the depth and dramatic lighting on this ones ::::: inspiring

sarip husen

These pictures look so awesome.
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Azaleah Banks

very creative and beautiful sketch..
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it looks so real.... beautiful..
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