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october update

Too much art to post. i don't know where to begin. i'll just choose a few pieces. for your info, i have now two tumblr accounts if you want more art. Design cuts is all about my sketches. and of course my regular Sparth tumblr is dedicated to concept art as well as photo works. I will of course still update Sparth Construct right here too. First piece is a personal work based on my template techniques, using snippets and extracts out of previous personal artworks. loads of fun. i've also added two weapons from IDsoftware's Rage, released last year. enjoy.

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that's the first time I see you doing props. Really efficient technique you use and the results are astonishing. Great




by the way you should add a headline to your post so people can post a comment. Not everyone is a hacker...


Thanks Peter.
i wasn't aware you could not access the comment section without headliner.

anna Sonata

Very nice, thanks for sharing.
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Awesome Stuff!

Jose Rivolta

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Cynthia Carolina

this great, thank you for sharing.

Mo Beumers

Absolutely classic! The detail and design is impressive! I'll not yet tried to do probs, but I'll do to beef up my portfolio...

Duan Tran

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