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a small environment that started as a test, and ended up as ... a full environment.
whenever i find a few minutes at home, i start working on my book Structura. a lot could be added already but i'm too much of a perfectionnist not to raise the amount of artworks available. there will be dozens of new pieces, even though the artworks will cover a longer period, probably from 2000 to 2006. more later.

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Roland Mechael

amazing brushwork! truly inspiring...

Alina Chau

beautiful painitngs!


Great! Can't wait for the book. Your environments are always so huge and athmospheric!


Fantastic work,your paintings are so great!Congratulations from Barcelona

Felix Lim

So glad to see an update from the master himself.
Amazing brushwork as usual.


Really like the way you've managed lights and shades on this piece... really outstanding...
great job Sir!


I second all of the above posts!


SPARTH! great really great jobs here! you wrote: "It was important to start showing the process we had invented with the Montreal team. we focused so much on brush templates and forms during the last year, we felt like we had definitely opened the right door within the program. i'll try to explain more about the whole thing in months to come, if time allows me to do so." Many people will so glad if you expalin this on your blog! waiting for it!
Best regards from BRAZIL


WOW!! Your CGs are so beautiful!


this kind of abstract landscape is amazing


this kind of abstract landscape is amazing


thanks to all kindly!
it's a pleasure to read your comments.



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