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here's an extract of one of the illustrations that will be available in my book STRUCTURA.hope you're all having a good time in your lives.on my side, i am still learning to live with tinnitus, but it doesn't prevent me from creating. i might even say it gave me a boost. probably because once you get this sort of physical signal, it makes you realise there is a countdown for your time on earth.


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this piece is really huge!! such a great scene!
you're a real modern master...
and I think you've got a lot of courage, I wish you the best for the future. Continue to take life as a gift... it's a good philosophy.

A. Riabovitchev

Really Beautiful!:O)


anders, andrei, thanks guys!
can't wait to show you the whole piece!


This one is really lovely.
Unusual, intriguing and amusing.

Dominic Bugatto

Lovely piece.

Roland Mechael

poetic and lovely!


just came across your blog and really enjoying it.

There's always an offbeat choice going on in your work, which grabs my attention and interest where I least expect it ... in this piece it's those three faint dots in a triangle against that subtle stripe of pink.

Love those unexpected touches.


HI..beautiful piece
I had tinnitus for 1 year, results from a bug inside my ear. Really sux, my treatment was about relax low music and Nature sounds when i was alone drawing and exercises during the day to sleep like a rock by night.It help me til today, sometimes my mind play tricks and i hear telephone's ring, but its just stress. Hope u get better to produce more, u r my inspiration on digital art.Peace


Très joli celui la, j'adore le mix de formes naturels et celles plus technologique.
Vivement l'artbook! (pas de ETA? =)


Ah, enfin du nouveau !
On l'attendait avec impatience, cette nouvele pièce, et elle ne déçoit pas ! Et dire que ce n'est qu'un extrait...
Une palette ravissante, un style frais comme il faut, c'est vraiment un exemple pour les débutants comme moi et les plus confirmés, j'en suis certain.
Bravo, et merci.

PS: Courage avec ce tinnitus, ça n'a pas l'air facile tous les jours; penses alors à tes fans ;)

Rodney Fuentebella

Wow! The sense of action and place is great... even the small thumb version just draws me in...again good luck with tinnitus..wish you all the best.


i really dont understand your greatness. . . . .good stuff, man.


Amazing work. I love it. I've been suffering with tinitus for seven years now and I know how maddening it can be sometimes. It's very important to have an outlet where you can lose yourself.


Wow, I love how this is reading. With all those nice, loose strokes all around, and the detail right where you want it. This had me right from the thumbnail!

william wray

lovey digital work. Are there any hand done things up?

Armand Serrano



Je ne saurais que trop te souhaiter bon courage avec ce tinnitus...
En tout cas, cet extrait de ton artbook est formidable, j'en salive d'avance :)


really really amazing!!
Your stuff is great my friend!!!

( º3º)


Your art is absolutely amazing!
I have a great respect of your work.

Alina Chau


andrea spada

Brilliant. Your sense of space and distances and light is amazing. Looks like you've actually been there, thanks for sharing these places of your mind.

Scott Altmann

this has got to be one of my favorite images you have ever done. Such a unique way of arranging shapes in this one...really effective




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