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peak repair

a preliminary sketch done for a piece that now includes a large partly abstract spaceship. some friends told me they prefered the sketch compared to the final image. i do not completely disagree even though at the very end my preference goes to the final image and not the doodle.
the second sketch is based on a paint over from a sijun artist called destinatus. thanks to him for letting me borrow his initial artwork.
once again, i think that it shows, but animations mentors have been having a real influence on my art and the way i try to enter into a new image. hans, neil, thank you for being there on the web. and thank you to all of you who have showed me their support.

for the last week i have really been going much better. tinnitus is here without disturbing me much, and the cycle sound that i had during a full week has disappeared. in other words, i feel like i'm heading towards the good direction. but as a friend of mine often says, "tomorrow is another day". she's been having tinnitus for 18 years. one day, science will find a cure. ... one day! :D

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The snow mountain one is super cool! ^__^


you are very kind. it's hard to believe for me that
my simple stuff should have done anything for you. because your work is M Y biggest inspiration. I am still struggling to understand how you do it...


great pieces as always, I'm impressed by how you rendered the mountain and the snow... It seems to be one same technique for the two elements, frozen water and rocks...
great great job.
and really glad to see you're much better at this time, hope for you that it will not change too soon...
and let's trust science!


I want to go running around the cold mountains too! Great work once again.


I'm always surprised when I see some of your new (or older) pieces.
For me it's not the way you use the texture brush (what is already awesome), it's the way you choose your colors.
It seems that this peak repair is composed of only two layers : flat tints in background, an other for the vaporous and textured brush strokes.
I can't but admire !

Hope you're not going to be touched by daltonism ^^

Roland Mechael

beautiful mountains! another brilliant work!
great to know you're feeling better! have a great holidays!

Dominic Bugatto

lovely pieces.


love the look of this one. the landscape is vast and has a lot of depth.


OULA! C'est magique...


Edwin Rosell

Big fan of your stuff! Thanks for being such an inspiration. I really dig your compositions and the micro-compositions within them as well.


don't know why i haven't commented before. love your work for years. wonderful epic feel and compositions to your pieces.


i know the cure


The one of the snow mountains have a lot of strenght, like usually the rest of your sketches


Very inspiring to see your work, Nicolas. I feel that your work is evolving at an amazing pace and that you keep exploring and conquering new ground!
I wish you all the best in the next year. Especially with your health and your art! Thank you for being among us

braden matt

Superb work as always. I love the abstact quality to your work that, when pulled together, becomes something purely magical.


Always when I check back to your blog I am really amazed about your pictures this is just such an inspiration and motivation to start drawing!

Gabriele Pennacchioli

I know how you feel because unfortunately I've got Tinnitus too. It started with a soft ringing noise and it got worse in time.
Seems that there are no cure so we have to bear it but I do hope that you'll get better.

Love your work.



love the snowscape, nice contrast. A crisp clean environment. (dreams of snowboarding during the aussie summer)


Hey! I'm very late indeed but still… I've been living with tinnitus for, lessee… 27 years. I know how you feel and it helps to be reminded that we're not alone.

The thing that helped me the most was when I accepted tinnitus as part of myself. I can't get rid of it and it won't do nothing to wish it was away.

So on those days when it's very loud, I just think of it as wind in my ears or I visualize it as a fuzz covering my ears, muffling the outside world.

It kinda works.

Otherwise, I always have music on.


louis philippe, thanks for the kind words. since september of last year, i think i have managed to succeed in considering tinnitus a part of myself. however, i was ready to declare victory, and then last week there was that new "attack" where the sound was so disturbing and loud that i felt i was pludging back to these first anxious moments from when it first started. but as usual, the whole thing started to slow down and now it's back to "normal", a low non disturbing sound.
it's always very conforting to realize we can live with it on a very long period. gives back courage. thanks for your post phil.


You're right. That anxiety is completely maddening. It even kept me awake some times. Alone in the dark, only capable of listening to the buzz.

Visualization was really the key for me.

It may sound strange but when tinnitus was the loudest, I would visualize a pair of big, fluffy, white puffs of static (like an old tv tuned between stations) over my ears.

With these earmuffs on, I would litterally fall asleep to the sound of tinnitus (something I could have never imagined before trying).

Hope I don't sound too crazy! ^_^


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Wow! Really amazing works!!!


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