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a year ago, i couldn't even go back to a previously done illustration and rework it in any ways. a mix of frustration and the desire to do better on the next ones was probably the cause of such a discard. but today, because of Structura, and because of the fact there is a lot of materials left unfinished, i decided to give it a try. it was three weeks ago.
i did a big effort on myself in order to go back into time, into the stuff i was doing three or four years ago, and did another effort in order to consider it not that bad compared to my first impressions.

today i think i managed to go through this problem. i can look at older illustrations without denying it completely. i even took the pleasure to do several paintovers and had great fun.
this tapetou bot was probably done around 2003. hope you'll like the revamp.

on the health side, i cannot say that things have been going better. i have been hearing a new sound in my left ear since last monday, and i try not to think about the future too much, as living with such ringing in the ears is something nobody would be ready to endure or even understand unless for the ones having the same symptoms. tinnitus is crazy. it's like falling into a bad dream without waking up. the bad dream has been going on for five months now.

still. i can still smile, be happy, and create. things become more complex because of that sickness, but i must convince myself that i don't give a damn about it. besides, i've got a book to finish, and on this matter, things have been going more than well.


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Wonderful, your Tapetou (en français dans le texte?!) is just wonderful!! He (it?) is full of fury and movement. That's a great job, and I'm glad you "paintover" quite old pictures...

Son torse et ce qui lui sert de tête me fait un peu penser aux "anges" d'Evangelion. Est-ce un hasard?


I had a very similar experience with my paintings. I'm enjoying doing paintovers of my old paintings from time to time. You can see how you improved and how your style changed over the past years. I find it very interesting.
I'm sorry to hear that it doesn't get any better with your tinitus. Wish you the best.



Great Tapetou that's right!!!
a lot of energy in this piece, great colors as usual and maybe a little more details... I can't tell precisely...
I have a question, when a work is finished, do you see the whole picture or just (like it happens to me so often) the details, each brush point etc. ?

congratulations again for your great works and thanks again for sharing them and alson your experiences with us
courage for the book. and courage for your "fight"


wow this action is awesome! I hope you heal, but I'm glad you're staying positive. You are an inspiration to us all.


The same vivacity and particular composition are here. It's just impressive of mastery...
Looking and reworking old illustrations are the best exercice an illustrator can do.
Did you paint over a sketch or over a painting you almost finished ?

Courage pour ces acouphènes.


Very dynamic!i like the palette you used and your personal brush strokes!greetings!

Roland Mechael

masterful brilliant brushworks!
Sorry to hear bout your tinnitus...hope it gets better.
and looking forward to get your book soon! ;)

Alina Chau

AWESOME!! Great action and sci-fi design!


Something about the strokes and colors remind me of Fechin which is something truly interesting given the industrial subjectmatter. I enjoyed it, thank you.


I love your work man, so original, and the textures are so real!
First time i saw i thought it was 3d, cause sometimes they seems to be done with million crazy vectors...
really, a very personal and original style the one you got!

( º3º) regards!


can't wait to get your book.. so many goodies here already and to have the print version... yeehaw!


i realy hope that some day this bad dream ends...


hey i think i remember this one... from the era of the "striped robots," hehe! keep up the good work, looking forward to the book.

chris chua sorry to read about your tinnitus. Your work is amazing and never fails to inspire me. Hope things get betterfor you.


I admire your strength.
wish you more for the coming year
and that you heal soon.
all my best


Hi ^^

I'm amazed that you are still able to create with a constant ringing in your ears. It's a testament to how much you love art, and I have to say it's very admirable. I wish you all the best in your health, and I can't wait to see the new book.

Ben Mauro
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Ben Mauro

I think it was a successful workover sparth! Cant wait for the book, Scott showed me some newer stuff a long while back, really looking great! I also wanted to thank you for including me in the D'Artiste: Concept Art book, I really am humbled, i have admired your work for a long time.



Marcos Mateu

This stuff is wild! Love it!!!

Marcos Mateu

By the way, I just read the text.
I do hope you feel better as soon as posible.


s.d. : aucune idee. je n'y avais pas pense. je suis trop abstrait pour pouvoir me comparer aux robots d'evangelion, mais je me soigne, et je fais des efforts afin d'obtenir plus de rendu et de details.

goro: thanks for the feedback.

anders: it depends the image. i often see my images from too far away. i should crop bits here and there and try to built extra things with extracts, i'm working on it.

a.llupia, roland, piotr, chainsaw, cereal killer, vina, kait, chris chua: many thanks ! :D

tresadenn: for me the original drawing was a sketch. black and white.
sinon je vais deja mieux. je croise les doigts.

francis: indeed, same period. around 2003 i guess. :D

hans: thank you. my last post is really directed to you as a "merci".

sourgrapes: the interesting question that i ask myself is: am i having tinnitus because of the fact i am having difficulties to manage my stress towards art?
or is it disconnected? who knows.
i know that my stress will mean more tinnitus. and i am changing my way of life in consequences.

ben, marcos: thank you :D:D:D

Andrew Glazebrook

FABULOUS !!!!!!!!










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