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emptiness ... nostalgia ... space.
well, that's about it.

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Somehow reminds me on a scene in the Homeworld game.


Très beau, j'aime beaucoup les lignes qui découpent les structures, ça a un petit coté design graphique qui contraste bien avec le rendu du reste. Sympa aussi le traitement de la distance dans les structures de devant et celles du fond.


The mountains look like crystals exploding from the planet, of riches ripe for the taking. Excellent use of the rectangle.

With each new detail I discover, this image grows richer in story and imagination and almost begs to be written about. Love the reddish glow behind the first range. Ambient lighting overall is brilliant.

Jackson Sze

Awesome Graphic Design!


great image. Wonderful shapes / color


and that's beautiful!! I love the way you've managed the colors, especially the red part...
and as said before, these lines are really interesting and surprising too!!!
excellent as usual, can't help it, "subjugué je suis..."

Dupa Jasia
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the clownninja

awesome stuffs


I'm in love! Very beautiful works here ~ :)


bravo a toi
beau travail comme toujours

Tom Kidd

I come here from Laurent Beauvallet's blog. He and I met a few years ago in San Diego.

Beautiful work! I look forward to your book "structura."

It's strange to me that you live in Dallas. I've spent some time there. Most of my family lives in or near that city. It does not seem like the ideal place for Frenchman to live. Where can you buy your baguette?

Bob Eggleton (Zillabob)

Just beautiful work! I love this, "Sea Vertigo" is my favorite so far. Nice, and impressionistic work. What programs are being used here?

Jerry Mascho

I like your combination of simple shapes and effective colors/mood in this one. Looks great.

Alina Chau

AWESOME concept arts!!


soooo amaizing art dude!!!!!!!
please visit my blog! see ya


soooo amaizing art dude!!!!!!!
please visit my blog! see ya

Andrew Glazebrook

Brilliant and inspiring work !!

seongwoo im

too good

Cartoon Creators

Very nice. Awesome color!


j' aime cette confrontation entre cette grande structure artificielle et la nature

A. Riabovitchev

Beautiful picture!You always impress me how you use red colour.:o)


this is just amazing! bravo


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