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Space Taichi

another doodle done quick.
oh, and apart from that, it's going to be a sad period: no more LOST, no more Battlestar Galactica... if you have any good scifi shows as good as these, i'm ready for any advices. it will help me wait until 2008.

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Ooh, j'adore celui la, ça fait plaisir à voir.
Ouais moi aussi l'attente de la suite de BSG (et dans une moinde mesure celle de Lost aussi) va etre difficile, pas assez de bonnes series (et même films) de scifi de nos jours, sniff.


gorgeous atmosphere! very nice lighting on this piece!


yeeah sparth is back again!
Great piece!
How are you doing thesedays?

Did you see 'Heroes'? Not very si-fi but it's an awesome series! But be careful! It's addicting. ^^


I love the colours in the background!

Is the guy an air/space traffic controller? It looks like he might be manipulating the red leaf-like things (signals?) with his hands.

In 2008, we can look forward to all-new Futurama :)

A. Riabovitchev

Wow!!!!You are a monster!Very beautiful!:o)

Mark Behm

Beautiful doodle. I second the addictive nature of Heroes.


ca fait un moment que j'attend que tu postes et meme si on attend longtemps c'est toujours un bonheur!

tu es une source d'inspiration qui ne trouve pas de mots.les images sont elles parlent d'elle meme

vraiment incroyable et fascinant!


Lou Anders

I was a huge BSG fan, but the show seems to have jumped the shark midway through third season. I must confess to relief to hear it's ending. Which is very sad, given how much I used to love it.

Currently Heroes and Doctor Who occupy the favorite spot. And though it's not SF, Rome seems to scratch the same itch. It's also over with, but it's too years were wonderful.


Amazing stuff as usual! And i agree with the other guys here..try with Hereos


Je suis toujours complétement façiné par ton univers et ta sensibilité, tes images me font vraiment rêver et voyager. Quelle progression depuis que j'ai eu la chance de te rencontrer à L.i.s.a.a (Paris), c'est tout simplement fantastique. Ca me donne vraiment envie de me remettre à peindre :)

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i mean, yes Heroes : )


Waow, awesome piece as usual!! never bored by your art, it's so rich, so perfect!
and as all the people before, I say: "heroes"


Vraiment j'aime bien celui là! Les couleurs, l'ambiance..c'est dingue car en fait la structure en arrière plan faite de cercle tient plus du motif que du dessin d'une structure avec sa perspective, et pourtant ça ne choque pas du tout, ça fonctionne à fond!
Parenthèse: Je compte émigrer au Canada, mais je manque d'expérience en ce qui concerne l'émigration (visa, autorisation), la recherche et l'organisation du travail là-bas. Je cherche des tuyaux, sans vouloir t'ennuyer, as-tu des conseils pratiques?

Alina Chau


Don Nguyen

if there's no sci-fi shows, you can always get into korean soap operas. they're addicting like chocolate, can't just have one!

Hethe Srodawa

I like this one, very whimsical. No more LOST! and such a good season finale too!

Randy Bantog

Beautiful piece.


"Another doodle done quick."

May one day I be blessed with such a magnificent quick doodle. Wow!


Hurray to quick doodles. Awesome pieces man :D


Awesome piece, and try DOctor Who and it's spinoff "Torchwood". Both good shows, and of course Heroes as everyone has said!


this sketch is fantastic! great mood and lighting,
good work!


wonderful...the texture and loose quality. Great stuff

Ben Mauro

great as always. loving the colors in this one.


The environment just look Fantastic!


One day we'll see one of these structures animated in some movie or other...huge disks slowly grinding, gulls flying by the water...I can see it now!


I haven't seen season 3 of BSG yet. No TV and the download takes ages (DVD not out yet over here.

Rewatch Blade Runner! It turned 25 yesterday... if you watch it intensely for 10min a day it might feel like a series.


Hey - you're back !

Nice and rich textures as usual .
Tasty stuff .

Bobby Chiu

Lost is friggin awesome. So are your sketches. Maybe you'll post more now that the LOST season is done ;)


amazing color! keren abis :)


The lights, the mood and the composition!are fantastic!

Nathan Fowkes

Good to see a new post.

I'm looking forward to getting my copy of your book.


great pic!
and about the tv series, have you seen Heroes?


Have you ever seen firefly?....I highly recommend it...most original sci-fi I have ever seen.

Martin Madsen

Beautiful work! Absolutely perfect. I just visited this space for the first time and was saddened to hear about your tinnitus. Have you ever tried meditation? I believe I've read that this can lessen or even cure the condition. Wishing you success and happiness!


that's great! I love those accents of red.


The man's clothes in the middle reminds me of the astro suit of Luke in SW :)

Great lighting !


huhuhu, excellent, excellent works. Light is maravellous.

Rasha El Sawiy

amazing pieces on your blog!

alberto mielgo

You and your beautifull universe.
I love it.


WOW is allI could come up with!

Randy Bantog

great paintings!

Randy Bantog
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benjatoon studio

amaizing work!


Your art is wonderful. Si j'avais vos talents, je ferais un grand dessins anime, tout moi-meme.

But oh well, I don't have that skill, so I'll just have to admire stuff from gifted people like you. :)

Stargate SG-1 is supposed to be good these days. Perhaps some anime? "Heroic Age" by Bandai Entertainment is supposed to be a good anime space opera right now.

Paul Bateman

Re: Battlestar and Lost: I feel your pain!

Try 'Caprica', the Battlestar spin-off, or the pilot by the same creative team 'Virtuality'.




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