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DS Sketches

A large tribute has to be given to jens andersson for that little COLOR program, that gives us artists the ability to paint wherever we want, with no real constraints. the nintendo DS is light, the screen is bright enough, and the proggie is very well done, with all the basic features necessary for doing fast sketches and concepts. Not to forget that they managed to implement pressure sensitivity and opacity to the brush system.

It's actually the first time we artists have an access to such a tool, even if it is via the DS. It seems unbelievable that in 2007, no company has taken the time to create such a portable platform specialized for this usage. We are in such a specialized niche, i suppose.

These are the first tests i've done. and you can see more on the COLORS gallery, here.
If you want to look at the process, playbacks are available at the bottom of each image page.

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This is really cool, Sparth. Can you tell me what program you used on the DS or game that has some kind of paint program on it? I want to go buy one, but I won't to make sure I get an idea of what I need first and how to use it. Great work, by the way.

Jeff Durham

Great studies! I really admire your work. Inspiring stuff!



i want money now!

to buy a DS!

yeah a lot of artists needs a portable digital painting device.... NOW!

hehhe good look sparth!

Ben Mauro

oh man, so cool, i still have to pick that up for my DS.


This is so awesome, just installed it.. Pretty impressive program, your results are even more impressive! I'm excited about this..


Thanks for sharing this ! I would never have heard of it otherwise.

So portable...finally a good digital
sketchpad ....

Cheers .

Rodney Fuentebella

Great to see your DS paints! Love the playback function...I'll post some in the Colors gallery with the playback files next time... Cool work as usual.


super boulot (comme dab ) une question me taraude; dans l'univers hyper pro dans lequel vous évoluez n'avez vous jamais eu l'opportunité de tester différents tablet pc qui pourraient justement se rapprocher de l'utilisation de la DS en tant que sketch-book ? Ou bien aucun ne vous a réellement convaincu ?

Joe Karg

I am so blown away. I can't believe this is done on the DS. I'm going to buy one as soon as I return from my vacation. Very impressive. I can't wait to see what else you can do with it.


You really "know-how", so the medium/tool by itself is pretty irelevant. Wish I had DS instead of PPC :(
However, I decided to spread a word about Colors! (thanks to you) and make a topic on sketching forum:
Great stuff in your gallery!


this is the first time that i have considered getting a ds.


Thanks Sparth - because of you I went out and bought myself a DS plus the r4. And I haven't looked back! This is a great tool.

Ben Shafer

I really like your ds sketches. well done mate.

Vaughan Ling



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