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i may not have a lot of time in my schedule, but don't ask me how, i managed to squeeze three book covers in there. done over the last months. the best way to keep track of the stuff i've done is probably to make a post here on the blog.

the covers for croisiere sans escale, by brian aldiss and Fahrenheit 451 by ray bradbury were both done for french publishers. my friend benjamin carre added the final touches to that bradbury cover since i fell ill at the exact same moment i had to send it to the publisher.

the middle cover, untitled the martian general's daughter, by theodore judson, was done for Lou Anders and PYR publishing. It's actually my second cover for the US market.

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Salut Sparth, long time no talk, j'espere que ca va de ton cote. Pour info, j'ai un croquis de Benjamin sur mon blog -fait a Paris il y a quelques semaines deja- il m'avait brievement parle de cet episode a deux mains sur ta couv.
Sinon, c'est tres bon, l'idee de peindre sur DS, je decouvre :)


these are genius! i dont get how your mind works.

Nathan Fowkes

Being a big fan of both Aldiss and Bradbury I'm glad you're the one doing their covers.


Bonjour , merci de nous faire partager ces dernière couvertures, c'est toujours un plaisir de les regarder quand ils sont sur le rayon.A chaque fois je suis tenté d'acheter le bouquin rien que pour la couverture.
@u plaisir voir les prochaines!


great pieces!
i especially dig the "martian general's daughter" one!

great mix of past and future elements!


Billy George

Those are awesome Sparth. I love the Martian Generals Daughter.


finally found your blog...looks great!!


these are just great. I'll have to buy the books, if for nothing else than to have a print of the painting.


Great covers awesome art work!





I have just discovered your work over on CGS. I love your looseness, abstract shapes, and the pure rich color you use. I am glad to have discovered you. Now, I need to get your book!




I love your work, it is so vibrant!



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Matt Berger

awesome you rock my world, man.
thanks for chatting with us in the chatroom. ;] be blessed!


I'm a big fan-i've been following your work for a while. love love love your dune work.


your work is always inspiring to me but just found your blog today. cant wait to pick up your book.

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