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Medieval Interlude II

two months since my last update. wow! - Medieval interlude II is just a personal work. Also, i have another Dune cover out on the french market. and last, i wanted to thank the zupi mag team in Brazil for their interview done last month. As well as Sam bathe who presented an awesome presentation of my photos for the "fan the fire" mag June 2010 edition, here.

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Great!!!!! Awesome back lighting in this one. very inspiring as usual.

Finn Clark

Great stuff Sparth. I had no idea you were such a talented photographer as well!


One more amazing picture.
I'm dumbfounded.
A pleasure to visit your gallerie, Great !!!


These are amazing. Really inspiring :D

Amanieu Rebu

J'adore ce concept, on se croirait dans un film, face aux remparts, il y a une profondeur de champ superbe. C'est trop beau!


Toujours aussi beau!
C'est avec un très grand plaisir que j'ai reçu le premier tome des nouvelles de Môsieur Philip K. Dick, avec sa couverture illustrée par Môsieur Sparth, 2 artistes que j'admire!
Vraiment, continue.

Mike Sekowski

I'm always amazed that you're able to put so much detail in with so few strokes. There's some beautiful colour and textures applied here, all in the right spots. Thanks you for another fix of stunning work!


love the dramatism in this one,,,, the scene show,, this kind of visual sounds....>>>


damn really nice work you've got here. but do you use photo's as reference?


Great work as usual from Sparth! :)

Well done man.

Jeremy Deveraturda

reminds me of gouache :)

Eytan Zana

Amazing work! I've been a fan for a long long time. Great stuff!


Bonjour, je vous ai découvert sur Flickr par vos photos et je tenais à vous que je suis émerveillée par ce que vous faites.

Cordialement, Na-kïa


awesome sparth! you just gave me a kick in the butt with the latest post updates.

thanks for the inspiration.



Simple et graphique ! waou ! ça marche super bien !


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