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an hour and a half playing with color tones and random shapes, it gave this at the end. i can't help but think i had Avatar in the very far back of my mind for this one.
Among other news, i just wanted to share that link to an interview i've done for nicolas Tarier and Pauline osmond at Artspire. huge thanks to them for their dedication.
oh, and i'm also on CGhub now.

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Nice! That's one great location with a lot of story potential in it :). I love the colour palette and how clear and calm the entire scene feels. I haven't seen Avatar yet(I might be the last man on Earth that haven't), so for me it looks quite fresh and unique. I'm glad to see you on CGHUB too and many thanks for your comment!
I'm off to Art-Spire to read an interview now ;).

A. Riabovitchev

I Like this piece a lot!Something different from you.:o)My be colour pallet.


Gorgeous. It's somehow right on the verge of selling in a really photorealistic way somehow...


Graeat colors and great composition......Really inspiring.

Amanieu Rebu

J'adore tes couleurs, c'est très agréable à regarder, très doux.


Belles couleurs ! ca poutre comme dirait knox :D


Peut-être un peu d'avatar. Moi je vois surtout une ambiance un peu africaine avec des rochers en forme de gratte ciel un peu (mais bien sûr beaucoup moins haut). Nice job en tous cas.

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Adam Temple

The playing was worth it, this is so cool! I guess I better go check out what CG hub is now too..."kicks dirt"


absolutely beautiful!!!!! amazing as always sparth.


Humza Khan

really warm richness in colors and strong silhouettes in monolith structures.

The Wrist

Words just don't it justice but WOWOWOWOWWO!

Timothy Rodriguez

C'est magnifique, pourtant si simple, on dirait que tes expérimentations ont porté leur fruit encore une fois:)


Me gusta tu trabajo, la tecnica de pintado es genial. Seria fantastico que pusieras un tutorial de como pintaste paso a paso algunas de las ilustraciones.

I like your work, painting technique is great. It would be great you to place a tutorial on how to paint step by step some of the illustrations.


coucou nico, j'essaie de t'envoyer des mails mais je dois pas avoir la bonne adresse, c'est plutôt important :) tu peux me contacter stp ? kness at :) merci ^^


I love these pieces bro!


yeah! the colors, the ambience...gorgeous!



Alina Chau


Micah Kaneshiro

It's hard to not spend hours looking at your images. Breathtaking work as always.


may i borrow ur hands...huuuu...awesome bro!!! visit my blog :)


Hehe, cool. Looks like all those sci-fi "heavy brushstrokes" cover paintings from the 1980s; sort of a John Berkey vibe.

..ehehheh. I had to go into my Amazon Wish List to find that artist's name, and hey guess what's right below the John Berkey book in my wish list: "Structura, the art of Sparth".

Vasiliy Kourkoff

Incredible...amazing works. Nothing to say, just.. all the best in your future career. Thank you for inspiring so many people with your oeuvre.


Les couleurs sont magnifiques..c'est complètement différent de ce que tu faisais dans structura (le 1 est sublime d'ailleurs )mais ça marche tellement bien.


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