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Give me a clone stamp tool on the ipad!

After two weeks of doodling around on the ipad, i got to admit it's an awesome digital tool, and this despite the lack of pen pressure which is dramatically missing from what could have been the perfect digital sketchbook.
Now it's not all marvelous though, and this for one reason: you have 5 main drawing apps on the ipad, and each one of them is having features that the other don't have.
finger tool? ARTSTUDIO, and LAYERS.
clone stamp tool? only in PHOTOFORGE.
add an overlay layer? BRUSHES.
save your custom brushes and parameters? ARTSTUDIO.
"multiply" blending mode? SKETCHBOOK PRO, BRUSHES.
anyway you see the point. it's pretty infuriating!
i have high hopes that there will be additional features soon that will allow us to chose an app for good instead of permanently sending sketches to the photo album in order to switch from one app to the next. just in case it may happen one day, there's one feature i would LOVE to see implemented, in a better way, and whatever the app: Only PHOTOFORGE is having it for now, and in a very basic way: the CLONE STAMP TOOL. seriously, maybe it's probably only considered as a photo thing by many, useless for anything related to conceptart. well you're dead wrong! Clone stamping is vital to my own workflow as it allows me to reproduce entire areas, and it totally belongs to a concept art process.
we're at the very beginning of the Ipad, and i'm already excited about what's on there. can't wait to see more !

here's three sketches done in ... multiple apps!

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C'est incroyable ce que tu es capable de faire avec un iPad, je ne pensais pas qu'il était possible de faire ce genre de réalisation. Même si cela doit être une sacrée combine et demande un savoir faire particulier je suis vraiment très admiratif. J'ai hâte de voir ce que l'avenir nous réserve avec ce nouvel outils... et surtout dans tes mains ;)

(PS : désolé pour mon message en français, mais il est préférable pour toi que je l'écrive en français si tu souhaites comprendre quelques chose ^^)


No matter what apps you get to fiddle with the outcome is always totally mesmerizing.


Hi there Nicolas -- ArtRage 3 for iPad was released yesterday, it may be worth taking a look, especially if you use ArtRage on desktop -- the latest release of this app has some new impressive features

I think I remember some sketches made in ArtRage that you posted ages ago who knows where on net :)

Have a nice day,

Kan Muftic

I can't make such images even in my Photoshop:)


Blending modes: overlay and multiply are available in ArtStudio.


Application doesn't matter for you. You are always awesome in any medium....Keep posting, keep inspiring....
Total respect,

kevin page

great work! Agreed; I'd definitely consider an iPad if it had pressure sensitivity. Maybe the next version...


Pretty cool sketches dude! Keep it up :)

Mike Sekowski

Honestly, some stunning stuff you're getting out of these programs! Here's hoping for some pressure sensitivity and other upgrades in its next release. Though by the looks of it, I hardly think you need them! Cheers.

Annis Naeem

absolutely love these, sparth.
And it's great to know about the clone stamp tool.

Dhilip kumar somesh

these are really awesome , Its really inspiring what we can do with i pad, Its true if it would had pressure sense it would have been best tool.

like to see more

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Timothy Rodriguez

Ah purée ils sont vraiment bon ces sketches, super boulot Nicolas. Ca donne envie d'avoir un ipad, vivement que le pen pressure soit opérationnel!


Hi Nicolas

These are fantastic mate, I personally think the iPad is a great tool for mobile digital sketching and painting.

I agree that there isn't one app which covers all bases and there's some features missing from each of them.
I've been invited to attend and exhibit at Autodesks conference in Las Vegas due to my work using the SBP Mobile app and I'm hoping to twist their arm to include some new features/updates.

Keep up the amazing work mate and CGPAD is still buzzing from the comments you left on the contest entries.


I am Kobe from Malaysia, working in ubisoft singapore as a junior level artist, but I intent be a concept Artist....
and I really like your work and always took it as my references
please feel free to visit my blog and leave some comment
thank you
one more thing....would you like to share how clone stamp tool make a big role in concept art?


m'enfin ! Il serait temps de passer à la Cintiq !!! ;) hehe


Go Sparth!!!!!

James O'Shea



hey Sparth,
incredible works as always.
i personally hope for a Tablet-PC made for artists. the best would be if Wacom made one you know basically a cintique with a OS and a sensitivity pen. a man can dream i think ;).

Love Kpop

It seems I'm on the right track, I hope I can do well. The result was something I did and was doing to implement it.


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