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low larva ship

an extract of a larger illustration done a few months ago. i did add quite an amount of details on this specific ship. i wanted it to become the main focus point of the illustration.

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wow ! Smoothness to the max ! very inspiring. I'm wondering if you use gradients on a layer and then erasing out the unwanted parts to achieve so clean transitions.
Anyway thanks for sharing !

alberto mielgo


man I love the light and colors and everything in your stuff.
Great thing is your blog.

St John Street

awesome work again.

Bobby Chiu

dang, just gorgeous... ok I've been overloaded with spaceships! must go doodle now


yup, following lucs remark I'd aslo say that the rendition of the ship is most striking...
guess, you just use softedge brushes and erase out...?


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