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built up north

tried this exercise tonight: imagine a small scenario before painting it. it worked pretty well. 3 hours of digital sculpting.

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Fran Johnston

Very cool! excuse the pun.

Mike Scala

id like to say that i am wowed by this, but it seems evertyime you post an artwork it just as inspiring as the last one. whatever it is you do to create such atmosphere is beyond me.

Brun Croes

Thanks for being a source of inspiration sparth!


Humza Khan

Yeah I've been trying visualizing before I paint as well. How is it working for you?

Gabriele Pasqualino

Je pense que c'est l'une des meilleurs image que t'as faite. J'aime vraiment beaucoup cette nouvelle direction et je peux distinguer l'influence de la photographie dans ton récent travail. Vraiment bien! Super inspiration comme d'habitude.

Finn Clark

Brilliant piece! I think its got a great composition and the cranes really help with the sense of scale. I love the overall idea too. Nice work!


I hate you.

Vojtech Stransky

looks amazing!,love the water and skies looks very clean ,very oposite to building.always inspiring,thank you for sharing.

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Cette image compte parmi tes meilleurs, rien que l'échelle et la compo mettent une sacrée ambiance.
C'est fort.

Au passage, tes photos aussi sont aussi bluffantes. ^^


this is super!


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