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Structura - second printing available!

Structura - the art of sparth. is now back in stocks! the second printing is finally available on Amazon. it will probably take longer for the books to reach other book stores, but i'm sure it's only a matter of days. you can get it here.
it seems that it's not yet available on the designstudiopress website. more soon.

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Great book!
bought first edition:)

Peter Oedekoven



Enfin ! :D

Maciej Kuciara

lookin forward to this one dude!


Looking forward to getting hold of a copy!

No hardcover reprint? doesn't seem to be listed anywhere..


congrats on going into a second run! It's a great book!

Dominican Otaku

Just ordered my book from Borders. Should be here Friday, got that in store free shipping.

Very excited.


Awesome! just got my copy, i was trying to get it when it was sold out.


I gotta get me this book. You have such a relaxed and enjoyable style. Not only do you make other artists want to work, but work in their own way and that's inspiring. Plus I just dig looking at your pictures.


inspiring and fantastic science fictional works, make us who imagine another worlds and another times fly away there!


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