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another dune tribute

here's another dune tribute for tonight. i did this one by extracting a lot of shapes from a previous painting. pretty fun, and rather fast. oh, also, don't pay attention to the blog changing tones every now and then. it's in rainbow mode lately as i'm updating things all the time, and i can't decide which tones suit best my images. :)

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awesomesauce, I'm loving the blog tweaks too :D

JG O'Donoghue

Cool nice work man, interesting shapes

A.j. Trahan

damn that's nice

Jared Shear

Really enjoying your latest barrage of posts. Inspiring stuff!

Annis Naeem

Love this one sparth. And ballsy with the use of purple as the main color!


Great updates!
Love the Flickr gallery too and some of the images I haven't seen before.


sweet. love the scale

Francisco Galárraga

kinda reminded me of a dune set in the star wars universe :P weird aint it? thanks for inspiring!


cool work


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