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life surface

i have tested this new technique lately and i tend to have interesting results out of this. two hours of messy blurby shapes. i'm glad having your feedbacks. i cannot believe i have let my blog silent for so long. catching up now!

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I think you are oozing with energy after a long long hibernation on the blog ! .. Love those pieces posted in last week ! .. cheers !


What is the technique? Is this cutting out of interesting parts of previous pieces?


there is a lot of interesting visual texture on this


You're on fire my friend!
Keep it up.
Love the new stuff.

Annis Naeem

This is one of my favorite pieces from you, Sparth.
I agree with Scott: you're on fire!

Robert Kim

It's so great to find your blog, I'm a huge fan

Looking forward to more!

Vladimir Bursańá

Brilliant! Keep on!

Mike Sekowski

I miss one day, and already two new images, sweet! The previous post [dune tribute] has a really nice perspective on the scene, and here the structures are just massive. Love the patches of broken earth towards the bottom. Like always, beautiful work!


I really it. You have conveyed a great atmosphere in this one.
Oh, this layout for the blog seems really good. I'm glad to see you're posting this often :)

Keep them comin!


Great to see you posting again .
Beautiful stuff as always .

Cheers .


Hey Nicolas! AKA sparth.

I've been a huge fan of your work for quite some time, Thanks for the comment.

Hope all is well.

Fran Johnston

Really great stuff and lots of new posts to oogle!

Tel Coelho

I loved it!!!

Humza Khan

I love the strong light source from the behind contrasting with the dark foreground shape in this piece.


thanks all!
i really apreciate.

worg: a bit of both. i'm going fully into a deconstruction period. a lot to discover, yet.


Mortellus Nico !! Mortellus :)


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