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mother planet

and yet another tribute to the world of asimov's Foundation. i don't think i had a specific spot in mind. it just came out after finishing the second book. the mule, and the tragic ending of the first foundation. it could as well be trantor, or kalgan. anyway. my addiction to spaceships isn't fading!

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Hi Sparth! This is "Altocumulus" from Stillstream. I miss your visits to the ambient music chatroom. I'm glad you are now updating your blog regularly!


hello alto!
indeed, it's been a while since i last visited stillstream. i'll come by asap!


Keeping it fresh as always:)

Good stuff!


You're killing man! :) Great work you're producing. Well done.


LOVE it!!

Hubert de Lartigue

Quand je pense à ce que j'ai fait quand j'ai illustré la version française de Fondation, j'ai honte. Merci! ;)


spaceships will always rule!


Amazing interpretation!


Jordan Lamarre-Wan

J'adore cette peinture Sparth!


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