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mother planet 2

inspired by my previous attempt. tried another extremely vertical version. 3 hours of deconstruction from the first image.

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Hubert de Lartigue

J'ai toujours le souffle coupé!

A. Riabovitchev

Beautiful!I really like level of looseness on your pictures!:o)

Romain Jouandeau

Ouuua mais quelle production! Super style, graphique a souhait, bravo!

Arthur Haas

Some time ago, before I discovered RSS, I used to visit your blog every few days to check for something new from the sparth universe. Mostly in vain. But now you're really on a roll again,I love it.


sweet. great to see more posts(and your flickr updates!)


Very cool, as said previously the rate of new stuff is great! 3 hrs huh??? Fantastic!

Jerry Mascho

It's great to see all of this new work, and thanks for stopping by my blog!


love the design of the building.


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