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up jim river

Up jim river by michael flynn, a book cover done for Tor a few months ago. i realized i had not posted it on the blog yet. i'm uploading it before posting more recent pieces very soon.

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I love seeing new posts from you! your realistic, rooted in reality future is always fun to see.


That's a real beauty! Very nice balance and the design of the ship is very interesting as well. Love the fact, that you're blogging :)


Hey.. nice to see some organic stuff as well!
great use of negative space.

Maciej Kuciara

This image is full of win!

Tom V

Awesome! keep 'em coming.


Really dynamic shot. I like the color and design of it. Well done Sparth... you're really getting productive these days :)

Humza Khan

Nice vibrant color of the water! Interesting ship design as well, might be nice to see it from another angle as well!


I have been following your blog for some time. I am happy to see you posting so much work recently! Keep the motivation up, we appreciate it.

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awesome Nicolas, content de te revoir d'attaque et aussi régulièrement !! ça donne envie.

Ben Mauro

haven't stopped by in a while, some incredible work sparth!

Saul E.

Love this piece! Great contrast, scale and material rendering. Look forward to your next one!


Of course, the ship is traveling =down= river, but what the heck. It's still a great cover.

Sara Zmith

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