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personal sketch. started this one with bold brushes without any pressure sensitivity on opacity etc. pretty tricky for me to start that way, but it's fun nonetheless.

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A. Riabovitchev

B E A U T I F U L !!!:O)

Jared Shear

Very cool Sparth!

Dave McNeal

This looks really good man! Always inspiring to stop by here. Thanks for sharing

Humza Khan

Love that intense background light in the distance contrasting with the darker foreground shape, great job!

Mike Sekowski

Absolutely splendid. It looks like you've achieved what you were after. Aside from the colours, I especially enjoy the distinction between the straight lines and shadows on the floor and the rounded circular shapes of the ship.


best image ever.


thanks guys!
i'm glad you like it. i don't think i've spent more than two hours on it. and i forgot to mention it, but i suddenly grabbed my wacom pen after looking at one of ralph mc quarrie's millenium paintings. my versions is lousy compared to his tight stuff, but i had fun :)


That's great man! Love the lighting. I love the last posting too, great energy my friend!!


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