late feedbacks from late february.

Just wanted to make a small post about the event i had been attending in late february 06. My friend travis had invited me to give a live explanation of my process for the gnomon workshop. We're already in the middle of March but i felt like talking about it. The demo lasted one hour thirty, but i guess i could have continued for quite a while. Once you're in it, nothing really stops you. True i was a little stressed at first, mostly because syd mead was doing a demo just before me.

(mark goerner on the center left, and travis bourbeau on the right)

I had a very nice time, even though i stayed in LA for just two days. My franco-canadian friends were all there, and it was a pleasure to stay with them, even for a few minutes. Even though i am having a great time in Dallas, i have to admit that i miss being with them, as the atmosphere was great and creativity very high. but life goes on, as we often say.
Scott Robertson was extremely kind showing me LA during a day. Designstudiopress is a small but amazing haven of creation, and the city is overall very pleasant.

It was important to start showing the process we had invented with the Montreal team. we focused so much on brush templates and forms during the last year, we felt like we had definitely opened the right door within the program. i'll try to explain more about the whole thing in months to come, if time allows me to do so.
many thanks to all the people and friends who keep checking this little blog. i'm having a pleasure reading your posts, and it does mean a lot more to me than when i update my html "no feedback" news page on my site.
the first image is a photo shot by phil holland. phil was there, like in 2004 during the CA Austin workshop, he's always very helpful and kind, and he's also an amazing breathtaking photographer. Many thanks phil for having been there exactly at the right time. you know what i'm talking about. same for you travis, i owe you much!
Second and third pictures are shots done by nicolas ferrand and bruno gentile. thanks mates.


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