B&W tests - Wired

Today WIRED posted a gallery with concept ships on its frontpage. WIRED being pretty big and mainstream, it's a pleasure seeing these images on their site. (thanks jenna!).
Apart from this, i still have this regular batch of tests. here's two black and white images taken from the bunch.

Structura is out!

Structura is finally here, or at least you can obtain it on the DesignStudioPress site for now. it should be on Amazon and other stores in the next days or weeks.
I am of course delighted to see the book being released. It is always a pleasure to touch the final object and have it in the hands: the quality of the printing is amazing. Not to say i am grateful to DSP and Scott Robertson for this project to see the day. I also hope it will match your expectations.


tripod or octopod or else

don't know why, but this one had to be rapidly extracted from my mind. it was pretty impulsive. i guess that i create better when things are dictated by impulse.

white thing, manufacture 222

Prime Spot

Happy new year 2008 everyone!

here's a small brush test slowly transformed into an image. oh, and most important, my book STRUCTURA is officially finished. it should be out in march. more informations soon.



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