ImagineFX interview in issue 53

I wanted to mention this article with an interview i did for the very kind folks from ImagineFX. I've had an exciting time working with them on it, and i would also like to thank them for their patience, as i've been slower than a snail nowadays when it comes to give materials on time.

In the US, ImagineFX is usually available at Barnes & Nobles as well as at Borders. you can visit this page in order to check availability depending on the country. It should be out in the United Kingdom on January 12, 2010, and three weeks later in the rest of the world.

2010 Update.

It's about time for an update. I would have so much to say, but i'd have the page filled in no time. For the same reason, i'll select things at a more reasonable pace. First of all the blog has been revamped. i apologize if anything weird pops up, but i'm so bad at these things. I lost all my links for now, but will update as soon as possible.

Structura - The art of Sparth, will be available very soon. The first print has been sold out for quite a few months now, but no worries, DesignStudioPress, Amazon as well as other retailers will have it very soon. i'd like to give a big thanks to those who have been waiting to obtain a copy. i did my best to reply to your emails concerning the fact Structura was nowhere available.

Microsoft and 343Industries released Halo: Evolutions - Essential Tales of the Halo Universe, a few days ago. The book is now in stores. My friend Robogabo and myself, shared the work for the book art, and both have contributed to several images. Robogabo did the front cover as well as two pieces inside. I did two black and white images for the inside pages too.

Back in November, SFsignal did another one of these book cover "smackdown". It's always a neat exercise. This time, they were featuring a cover i did last year for Paul McAuley's Gardens of the Sun, a book that will be out around march 2010. In the same style as "the quiet war", the image is mainly a funky depiction of spaceship epicness.
Last but not least, i've been going more and more into photography during these last months, and i am planning to build an even stronger link between conceptart and photo works, not to forget about all the post processing work that goes with it. I hope you'll enjoy my photos as much as my illustrations. oh, and most important: a Happy new Year to all of you!

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