Cenotaxis - extract

Moving from an apartment to a house is a crazy process, especially when kids are in the way when you move boxes around. actually i guess it's far more exciting for them that for us. Anyway it is now done. we moved. The house is great. huge. and we are happy and exhausted.

Tinnitus is still here, and unfortunately the 1 year milestone has been reached in august. It is sometimes hard to plan the future when you don't know what tomorrow will be made of. sound? no sound? full sound? "T", as they call it, is a bit like a torture. true it is not cancer, and theorically i'm not going to die tomorrow because of it. but when the sound is at its peak, i sometimes wonder how i'm able to deal with it without losing my mind. it's a day after day process i suppose... and there's still very bearable moments, so i'll shut my mouth.

Anyway i'm still creative, and that's probably the only thing that counts. here's an extract of an illustration i did around june, for the cover of a novel by Sean Williams, called Cenotaxis.


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