Latest Covers

i may not have a lot of time in my schedule, but don't ask me how, i managed to squeeze three book covers in there. done over the last months. the best way to keep track of the stuff i've done is probably to make a post here on the blog.

the covers for croisiere sans escale, by brian aldiss and Fahrenheit 451 by ray bradbury were both done for french publishers. my friend benjamin carre added the final touches to that bradbury cover since i fell ill at the exact same moment i had to send it to the publisher.

the middle cover, untitled the martian general's daughter, by theodore judson, was done for Lou Anders and PYR publishing. It's actually my second cover for the US market.

DS Sketches

A large tribute has to be given to jens andersson for that little COLOR program, that gives us artists the ability to paint wherever we want, with no real constraints. the nintendo DS is light, the screen is bright enough, and the proggie is very well done, with all the basic features necessary for doing fast sketches and concepts. Not to forget that they managed to implement pressure sensitivity and opacity to the brush system.

It's actually the first time we artists have an access to such a tool, even if it is via the DS. It seems unbelievable that in 2007, no company has taken the time to create such a portable platform specialized for this usage. We are in such a specialized niche, i suppose.

These are the first tests i've done. and you can see more on the COLORS gallery, here.
If you want to look at the process, playbacks are available at the bottom of each image page.


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