medieval interlude

i have been painting so many spaceships and flying things lately. here's another type of scene for a change. 2 hours of distorted pixels and shapes.

mother planet 2

inspired by my previous attempt. tried another extremely vertical version. 3 hours of deconstruction from the first image.

mother planet

and yet another tribute to the world of asimov's Foundation. i don't think i had a specific spot in mind. it just came out after finishing the second book. the mule, and the tragic ending of the first foundation. it could as well be trantor, or kalgan. anyway. my addiction to spaceships isn't fading!

urban pilot

until now, i rarely had the dedication to spend more than 5 hours on a concept. but i have probably opened some cool "doors" lately, that allow me to be more successful at doing more finished works, without killing the images. here's an image done this way. always trying to keep the loose aspect from beginning to end. it's tuff. but rewarding.
this image is dedicated to my friend scott robertson. the flying thing in the middle is clearly "concept design 1" inspired. many thanks scott for all that visual stimulation!

and a small extract from the lower left part.

up jim river

Up jim river by michael flynn, a book cover done for Tor a few months ago. i realized i had not posted it on the blog yet. i'm uploading it before posting more recent pieces very soon.

life surface

i have tested this new technique lately and i tend to have interesting results out of this. two hours of messy blurby shapes. i'm glad having your feedbacks. i cannot believe i have let my blog silent for so long. catching up now!

another dune tribute

here's another dune tribute for tonight. i did this one by extracting a lot of shapes from a previous painting. pretty fun, and rather fast. oh, also, don't pay attention to the blog changing tones every now and then. it's in rainbow mode lately as i'm updating things all the time, and i can't decide which tones suit best my images. :)


personal sketch. started this one with bold brushes without any pressure sensitivity on opacity etc. pretty tricky for me to start that way, but it's fun nonetheless.

more flying things

more flying things for your viewing pleasure. :) oh, and that link has been circulating here and there lately. it's pretty amazing. i'm still wondering if this whole thing is real.

fin d'empire

wow. i've been posting like a turtle for months, and now this... but i'm i a good period, and it would be a shame not to paint for the fun. just came back from Avatar. seen it a second time with my friend robogabo. second viewing wasn't as fascinating, but this movie is changing all the rules in so many ways... it's genius.

hoovering postman

it could as well have been a small tribute to IDsoftware's Rage. i impulsively designed that small beat up flying car the other day. i love postapo stuff. i prefer my version to the kevin costner's version on a horse. :)

Tribute to Foundation

A small tribute to Asimov's Foundation. no specific scene. Also, i have been messing around with my blog, i can't decide what template i should keep. i guess none! as usual, the simpler the better. i still haven't found back all my links. will put them back slowly.


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