here's the final cover for "structura". the book will be released by designstudiopress next year. already visible on amazon. i'd better hurry!


ecosystem with stripes

here's the new addition to the house. i decided a while ago to go back into aquariums, but with saltwater this time. here's our two clownfishes as well as several soft corals that are quite amazing, especially one of them, that looks like a tree with hands at the end of each branch. the hands open and close each three seconds. the live rocks are also fascinating, as a lot of things happens on them. you can even see worms and amazing algees growing on them in some areas.


an extract from a larger illustration untitled "monowin". as usual, the whole thing will be available in Structura next year. i am focusing on a whole section of the book dedicated to monoliths. a lot of fun.

hope you'll enjoy this piece.


cater (extract)

yesterday morning, my "dear" tinnitus came back without asking me any permission. pretty weird to feel this thing in my ear every time it comes back louder. it always happens during the night. i wake up in the morning, and bam, surprise, we're back!
still, they never really disappear. the sound is here 100% of the time, but during this last 8 days for exemple, it went so low that i could barely notice it.
i guess that it will take a few months before being able to do not care at all about these bugs. but who knows really. anyway. not preventing me from continuing my journey towards my dreams. thanks to isan for this one. isan's music is mental, the way i like it.

concerning the artwork, consider it as some sort of a rendez vous man/machine.
an extract of a larger piece from structura.

premium import (extract)

here's an extract of one of the illustrations that will be available in my book STRUCTURA.hope you're all having a good time in your lives.on my side, i am still learning to live with tinnitus, but it doesn't prevent me from creating. i might even say it gave me a boost. probably because once you get this sort of physical signal, it makes you realise there is a countdown for your time on earth.


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