Book cover smackdown!

My friend Lou Anders sent me two links to a pretty fun concept on It's what they call "Book cover smackdown!". like some sort of a cover fight - point your favorite, with comments added. It's interesting and the feedbacks are valuable and different than elsewhere too. You can go check it here:

A good way to introduce the cover i did for HAZE last year. erm. At least i think it was last year... and also, i really zapped this one since i did it while doing my migration from Dallas to Seattle. It's a book cover for the Star Trek universe. I'm not particularly good at strictly respecting such a renowned IP when it comes to detailing and style. But the good thing was that the typical star trek elements were really quite invisible.

january dancer - electric candle city

These aren't new. but since i never posted them, here they are now. attached to this blog forever and ever. second one is a cover for TOR.
Sorry for having kept you waiting, moving is not easy. it's now done: we're very well installed in the east of "sunny" Seattle. Happy altogether and enjoying life. tons of things to post soon. new book covers. new art. new adventures ahead: new company for me, new life for my happy family, and a new balance for us all.
oh and by the way, Structura is sold out! it's a great news indeed as it means we reached, thanks to all of you, our expectations. there should be a reprint pretty soon.


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