outer transport + interview

I though it was time for me to introduce to you my new concept, and i hope this one will go a long way. it's a blog dedicated to my space related images. and it's called "Outer Transport". i will slowly add more to the blog, but i was still excited having the main intent being published right now.

Also, Mihai, from Dark wolf's fantasy reviews, posted an interview i gave him the other day. it's all about casually explaining my feeling towards art and the creation process. my passions, as well as everything that goes with it. i want to thank mihai a lot as he's been very patient waiting for my different feedbacks, and i am not a very punctual guy myself. i hope you will find it interesting.

Book cover smackdown!

My friend Lou Anders sent me two links to a pretty fun concept on It's what they call "Book cover smackdown!". like some sort of a cover fight - point your favorite, with comments added. It's interesting and the feedbacks are valuable and different than elsewhere too. You can go check it here:

A good way to introduce the cover i did for HAZE last year. erm. At least i think it was last year... and also, i really zapped this one since i did it while doing my migration from Dallas to Seattle. It's a book cover for the Star Trek universe. I'm not particularly good at strictly respecting such a renowned IP when it comes to detailing and style. But the good thing was that the typical star trek elements were really quite invisible.

january dancer - electric candle city

These aren't new. but since i never posted them, here they are now. attached to this blog forever and ever. second one is a cover for TOR.
Sorry for having kept you waiting, moving is not easy. it's now done: we're very well installed in the east of "sunny" Seattle. Happy altogether and enjoying life. tons of things to post soon. new book covers. new art. new adventures ahead: new company for me, new life for my happy family, and a new balance for us all.
oh and by the way, Structura is sold out! it's a great news indeed as it means we reached, thanks to all of you, our expectations. there should be a reprint pretty soon.

happy new year!

Happy New Year to all of you!
i've been very silent lately. two reasons for this. first of all we're now a family of 5. Baby Zelie was born on december 9, 2008. she's a very easy baby, to the point where we were wondering why she was sleeping so much during the first 20 days! her two brothers are very kind with her, so fascinated by this little squeeking thing.

The second reason is that i will very soon leave Texas and IDsoftware in order to go to Seattle. it's always a bit difficult to take that type of decision, since we had our house here, as well as a permanent sun throughout the year. No matter where destiny leads us, that's the way it goes. I can assure you that planning a move with a new born baby and two kiddoes is not an easy task for sure!

I've been doing a lot of Concepts for RAGE since 2005, and i hope these images will one day pop out of the boxes for your viewing pleasure. i'll probably look back at these in a few months with a lot of Nostalgia.
here's two concept arts showed to the press last year.


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