New Year Update

I haven't updated the Construct for ages, so time to give a bit of an update to start the new year. The most important part of my update is dedicated to Structura 2, my second book will hit the shelves at the end of January of this new year. i have been putting a lot of dedication and time to this second opus during 2011, and we finally managed to get it done. a huge thank you for Scott Robertson, Tinti Dey, Jenny Sue, and DesignStudioPress for their dedication and patience. big Thanks to all who have participated to the project, with awesome words from my friends David Levy, Kenneth Scott and Stephan Martiniere. releasing a book is always an adventure. when the road is smooth, and bumps minimal, it's always a plus. Structura2 will soon be available via DesignStudioPress or Amazon.

I was going through io9 the other day, and stumbled on an article about a book cover that was released with a piece of art i did. the cover looks great. here's a link to the article: Book cover art that'll make you wish you lived on a space station. The book is a selection of short stories compiled by Jonathan Strahan.

On a side note, i am now on Tumblr, and you can follow me here:
and for the photography side, i also finally joined 500px with a selection of my best shots from these last two years.
IDsoftware's Rage was released back in october last year, and we have seen some pieces of concept art pop from from the game. On my side, i still have dozens of pieces i haven't showed yet. i will probably post some more on my Tumblr account, but do know that there are already a few pieces published on my CGhub gallery.

Greg Bear's Primordium is finally out. i was honored to do the cover for the series. Primordium is the second book, after Cryptum last year. That's about it for now. i will have truckloads of things to actually post, and i guess they'll resurface in my mind pretty soon. will have more updates then. Happy new year to all!

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