glissement de temps sur mars

California in the 50s, on mars. k. dick is really a fabulous writer, and i still have a lot of his books to read. His productions and detailed universes represent a real goldmine for us illustrators.

I received a few weeks ago a russian magazine in which i had done an interview in january. The very kind person who interviewed me, alexander, thought about sending a print. I really appreciate this attention. It is called gamenavigator, and they published a bunch of my artworks in a three pages interview. Unfortunately i lost my english replies, and the mag is in russian only. I have no idea what i said really, which is kind of fun. I'll maybe post a link here, as a souvenir.

Now here's a link. This book, "LA/SF", by Christian Schellewald, published by designstudiopress, is a real keeper. Live and nervous sketches, a very original layout, collections of notes and scenes from the west coast. It could even incitate me to go outside and sketch with a real pen and paper. something i haven't done for ages. well done christian!

DesignStudioPress - Concept design 2

Do you know how much time it took me in order to sign 200 limited edition conceptdesign2 books? one and a half hour. Gee! i thought i was going to wrap up the whole thing in ten minutes, how wrong i was. The final concept design 2 book is awesome, I got a double page with five artworks appearing in this opus. and the good news is that it can now be obtained via amazon.

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