tinnitus - i need answers

for the last four months, i had been struggling with an ear infection to the left ear that has been bugging my life and blocking my ear. but this is nothing compared to what happened 12 days ago, when i started feeling a very high tone buzzing sound in that same ear. that buz hasn't left me since that day, i hear it might and day, it never stops.
today i am trying to live with it, and it is so tuff i really hope i am going to overcome from it. you might see less artworks for the same reason.

doctors assured me that it was going to get away, as the two earing tests i did showed no ear loss. my audibility is very good. they assure me it comes from the infection, and have given me medicine in order to take care of it for good. i haven't had any ear traumas either, or vertigo.
but oh god. this is so hard. i am struggling as much as i can.

if you have had similar experiences, please, i'd be so interested to read them. i'm hoping with all my heart that this buzzing sound will disappear. depression is lurking.


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