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feast definy

yesterday it had to come out. an impulsive will forcing me to go forward. to improve, to understand how to bring the next images to the next level. and to have fun!

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Yaay! First post :D
Awesome work Sparth, you have to share your process soon!


Awe-struck as usual. Wow.


Oooh, nice, a bit different than your recent stuff, good wallpaper size too. ;)


thanks guys! ceresz: i will. just give me more time. :D

bal: good thing you posted! i can reach your site now. i was wondering where you were man :D
gimme your mail! :D


Terrific atmosphere! I love the confetti texture.


okay sparth, i will :D

Ray Frenden

Thanks for continually providing me with inspiring pieces to look at. Someday I hope to attain that level of skill myself. In the meantime, I can look and learn.


C'est super bien.
Tu devrait essayer des environements sous-marins avec cette technique!


WOW that ship pop's right out at ya . amazing as alway's .


yeah saw that on sijun! Stunning as usual Mr. Sparth ;)


It's awesome sparth, keep rocking!


Great as usual. I am always amazed how loose your paintings are. Almost sketchy, yet they look so detailed and finished. You are the master. I wonder do you paint with traditional tools too, and if so, how your paintings look like? Hmmm...

A. Riabovitchev

I love your "easy drawn" style of drawing. Great work Sparth!:O)

Living Rope

Oh ! Amazing ! I juste found your blog my friend. So, here is where one have to come in order to find some fresh Sparth meat !!

Dude, I wish I could have seen your demo at Gnomon. I hope you and Lorene are doing well in the far-west. Take care.


It's crazy to see how your syle is still developing! It can be ssen throughout all your works over the years. Stunning!

Andrew Glazebrook

Fantastic work !!


Tellement de n'étoiles dans mes yeux... c'est fanstatique. Je crois toujours rêver en regardant tes CG's. En deux mots Monsieur Sparth : IT'S BEAUTIFUL !
Gribouill'zement Vôtre.


stunning painting!! Look forward to more!

Bruno Gadenne

Des vaisseaux à l'architecture, en passant par les paysages et les personnages... décidement, tu ne peux pas t'empêcher de tout réusir ! Et bien continue alors :)
Merci pour nous ravir les yeux à chaque fois, nous qui débutons.



Amazing work! Love your use of colour and perspective!

Iker Paz

J´aime bien la colo un peu différente de ce dernier. Une atmosphère magnifique, comme d´habitude.


Tiens, je viens de découvrir ce blog par hasard (les boulots par contre ça fait un moment que je connais); toujours aussi renversant!

Scott Wright



Awesome.. jawdropping...tear jerking skill.


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