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glissement de temps sur mars

California in the 50s, on mars. k. dick is really a fabulous writer, and i still have a lot of his books to read. His productions and detailed universes represent a real goldmine for us illustrators.

I received a few weeks ago a russian magazine in which i had done an interview in january. The very kind person who interviewed me, alexander, thought about sending a print. I really appreciate this attention. It is called gamenavigator, and they published a bunch of my artworks in a three pages interview. Unfortunately i lost my english replies, and the mag is in russian only. I have no idea what i said really, which is kind of fun. I'll maybe post a link here, as a souvenir.

Now here's a link. This book, "LA/SF", by Christian Schellewald, published by designstudiopress, is a real keeper. Live and nervous sketches, a very original layout, collections of notes and scenes from the west coast. It could even incitate me to go outside and sketch with a real pen and paper. something i haven't done for ages. well done christian!

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woaah this is fantastic! love the athmosphere!

A. Riabovitchev



Yeah, très sympa, c'est vrai que le coté un peu retro colle bien a l'histoire de Martian Time Slip. C'est cool, ça reste varié ce que tu poste en ce moment.

Je lis pas mal de PKD moi aussi ces dernier temps, ça a pas trop mal vieilli quand même.


Aw, Philip K. Dick rules totally! o_O'
I love his books and his stories have evoked some inspirations for my own works a lot as well!
The pic is da bomb of course :-)


mais kikoo à la fin.


superbe cette ambiance.ça donne envie de relire les livres.


Celle ci est superbe Sparth!!
J'y verrais bien une nana façon ornicar marchant dans les ruelles.
Très beau visuel!! Vraiment!

Emily Su

wow, it looks absolutely beautiful. i also admire dick's books.

as a side note, i found out you are working in dfw area? egerie told me during the Montreal CA workshop. you should come to the dallas sketch group sometime and meet up! pm me over at CA (hpslashluvr) if you're interested! ^^

Bruno Gadenne

Ah oui, l'ambiance y est pour sur ! Je n'ai pas eu l'occasion de lire ces livres, mais une illustration comme celle ci donne envie de s'y mettre, merci !


beautiful!! Love the layout and lighting style!!


Sweet .Love the retro feel of the car in the f.g . Great atmosphere .


Completement fou... Moi je suis siderée par tes concepts.

Joshua James

Sparth you have a blog too...

These are becoming a lot more fun than the forums ^_^

Nice new works!!



absolutely fantastic! beautifully imagined


your work is veeery beautifull and inspirational,congatulations for your book.



Amazing layouts, concepts and designs. You are my hero Sparth. :0


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