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tinnitus - i need answers

for the last four months, i had been struggling with an ear infection to the left ear that has been bugging my life and blocking my ear. but this is nothing compared to what happened 12 days ago, when i started feeling a very high tone buzzing sound in that same ear. that buz hasn't left me since that day, i hear it might and day, it never stops.
today i am trying to live with it, and it is so tuff i really hope i am going to overcome from it. you might see less artworks for the same reason.

doctors assured me that it was going to get away, as the two earing tests i did showed no ear loss. my audibility is very good. they assure me it comes from the infection, and have given me medicine in order to take care of it for good. i haven't had any ear traumas either, or vertigo.
but oh god. this is so hard. i am struggling as much as i can.

if you have had similar experiences, please, i'd be so interested to read them. i'm hoping with all my heart that this buzzing sound will disappear. depression is lurking.


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that suck mans, hope you get better soon! i really admire you imaginative work as well, it is inspirational...

good luck with things mon pote!


Ca craint. J'espere que tu vas vite t'en remettre.

Keep it up !


I hope you feel better soon. :-(


Ah merde je compatis totalement. Moi j'ai commencé à faire du tinnitus il y a presque 10 ans. Dans mon cas les sons sont suffisement bas pour je puisse les ignorer durant le jour et j'ai fini par m'y habituer pour ce qui est de la nuit. Mais au début je déprimais grave aussi.

Tout dépend du type de tinnitus et on dit aussi que plus vite on réagit mieux c'est. Je suis sûre que c'est lié à ton infection et en effet il y a bon espoir.

Dans mon cas j'ai une audition extrèmement sensible, j'entends certaines fréquences à -10 dB ce qui n'est pas usuel à mon âge (38)apparement mes sons à moi sont inexplicables et n'ont jamais totalement passé, mais heureusement ça n'a pas augmenté non plus. Il faut dire que j'ai totalement arrêté d'écouter de la musique aux écouteurs ou walkman, je suis devenue un peu parano. En concert je porte des protection spécialement faites pour les musiciens qui atténuent les sons sans pour autant couper les fréquences aigues.

Il ya des cas célèbres de gens qui ont eu des tinnitus très graves et qui sont guéris (Pete Townsend des Who disait qu'il entendait des sons de l'intensité d'un arbre plein de moineaux criant.... et ils ne pouvait plus entendre grand chose d'autre) apparement il va mieux.

Bref, ne t'inquiète pas trop ça devrait s'arranger.

Shelly Wan
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Shelly Wan

I am sorry to hear about that. *____*... have faith in the Doctor, and try to relax and not worry too much. maybe you are putting too much pressure on yourself to work and improve all the time...? I am sure it will all work out. ^______^

here's a good painting to cheer u up:

this guy's work is like a marriage between u and Craig Mullins! ^0^

Best Wishes,


Hey Nic-
I get these ear problems once in a while- they come in two flavors- the first is a rather occasional (every 15 min or so) extremely sharp pain down deep in that soft spot behind the ear lobe. There are a lot of glands around there and they can be very prone to infection- it usually lasts about a week and then vanishes so fast I hardly notice. The second flavor is far less painful but much more irritating. It's due to my surfing where cold water gets stuck in the ear canal and slowly causes a bit of bone inside the ear to grow- eventually the bone can completely close the ear canal and your only choice is to have an ear doctor actually drill the bone out- yah- YIKES! I should take better care of it by wearing ear plugs but I dont- so usually after a week of good waves Ill just get water stuck in there and not be able to shake it out. Its maddening- and the dull droning just drives me crazy. Unfortunately- the ocean water around San Francisco isnt as clean as it once was- so the water that gets stuck in there usually is choked full of nasty bacterias- and so it gets infected even further. I'd imagine this is a different situation from your ailment, but you certainly have much of my sympathy. Im not entirely sure of where you live- but a bit of advice I can share with you is to be sure to dry out your ears really good after you step out from your morning shower. The moisture in your ears combined with the cold morning air can have the exact effect as the ocean water and cold wind have on my inner ears. I hope this situation clears up sooner than later for you- and Im sure it will, so dont loose heart.
In the meantime- All the best to you- and take care.


hey nicolas. i'm sorry to hear that. I really feel what you're going thru right now.

I've been struggling with a similar problem for about a year now. I had two (!) ear-infections (middle-ear otitis) last summer and was dumb enough to not entirely take the antibiotics that were prescribed by the doctor.

When I flew on holidays (8 hours flight) i noticed a really awefully aching pain in the left ear as soon as the plane went high. It didn't go away after a week, but some weeks later when I was long back home.

Another idiotic decision was not to go to the doc after that. Early this year it came back after a concert, as did the first sporadic losses of hearing. For a minute or so I don't hear anything on the left ear. The pain was back as well, but not as merciless as it was last summer.

Went to the doctor, made two ear tests, afterwards he said he could take the results to the university to show students a perfect sense of hearing. That didn't help me though, I still loose the left side some times a week and get dizzy so I have to sit down. When many people talk (like in a pub or an office), I can't concentrate on a person talking to me as I could two years ago. There already were silly laughters at how little I hear, e.G. if I have to ask someone to repeat what he/she said 3 or 4 times. It's a dramatic loss of life quality.

THIS SUCKS! Of course, it's not a tinnitus. But I understand your pain, really.

There is a probability you will amend from the tinnitus. Wouldn't be the first case. A friend of mine has a tinnitus for 10 years or more and he says the first weeks and months are critical. Nearly no sleep, loss of concentration and stuff. But he says he learned to live with it and has returned to normal life quite soon.

Mark Behm

When my wife had terrible rining after an ear infection, the ringing stopped after she was off the antibiotics for a while -after the full dose, of course. Apparently some people react to the one she was on taking w that side effect. Don't know if that has anything to do w your case.
Either way I sympathize. It was driving her mad. The doc said eventually, even if it didn't fade, the brain will tune it out and you won't hear it. A bit like how the brain flips what we see right-side up.
Good luck either way.


Yes, same here. Yesterday night out of curiosity I tired to listen carefully, the sounds are still here but indeed my brain has "forgotten" about them.
I have whistling sound in my right ear, strong enough to hear now with radio on (on low volume) and birds chirping outside. In my left ear a much lower whistling and a sort of "rolling" sound in the first weeks I kept thinking I left my VHS recorder on because the sound was so similar :)
But I am lucky because the sounds are really low it could be much worse. Still, in the first weeks I felt exactly like Sparth it drove me mad and I was scared. I am sure that caused by an ear infection these should subside soon.


Argh, mon frère a eu le droit à ce genre de chose aussi, et étant musicien ça l'a vachement gêné ("petite" dépression aussi du coup). Pas grand chose à faire d'après les médecins qu'il a vu, il lui on juste dit d'attendre, et finalement en effet après plusieurs semaines (et quelques antibiotiques) plus tard, s'est disparu.

Ne perd pas courage en tout cas!
Take care.


ouch man..i live in Brazil and i had it once...sux, it was "water with shampoo" that colapsed my ear for 2 months, all sounds vibro high in face of water in timpano place...really sux. i hope u get better.
--awseome works!!--


I feel for you and I hope it goes away like the doctors say it will. Just endure it until then and try distracting yourself as much as possible from it. If the doctors say it'll clear up try to relax about it. My father had a botched ear operation that permanently left a low ringing in his ears but he's learnt to live with it and it doesn't stop him from doing things.
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Oh jeez, I really hope you will be fine!
All the best!

Felix Lim

I dont know if you believe in God, but I will pray for you tonight.


Salut nicolas,

Bien désolé de ce qu'il t'arrive.
Je n'ai jamais eu ce genre de problème personnellement, cependant je peux te donner quelques conseils concernant le tolérance au bruit et la prévention des infection ORL, sachant que j'ai eu pas mal de cours dessus à l'école.
Tout d'abord les bourdonnements peuvent-être atténués par un autre signal sonore continue de même timbre, comme par exemple un ordinateur ayant une alimentation bruyante (et je sais de quoi je parle). Aux US je sais que le système de santé coute cher, mais les médecins n'insistent pas assez comme chez nous, à pousser à la prévention des infections. C'est simple, tout d'abord éviter les piscines, ne pas pousser le sébum trop loin dans le canal avec ton coton tige, ne pas laisser trainer une sinusite. La méthode Valsalva est efficace pour ouvrir la trompe d'Eustache qui est souvent à l'origine d'otite, elle consiste à pincer son nez régulièrement comme pour se déboucher les oreilles après un changement brutal de pression (comme en plongée ou après une balade à la montagne). Cette manip est facilitée par les baillements, les rots (et oui^^), l'avancée volontaire de la machoire inférieure. Par contre ne fait jamais cette manip pendant un rhume.
J'espère que ces bruits ne dureront pas trop et que tu résisteras à la déprime. J'ai conscience que ces bourdonnements peuvent-être vécu comme une douleur, voire pire.
J'espère que le conseil t'aidera, et que tu te rétabliras vite.


Damn, too bad :(
That has happedned to me too, a long time ago, thankfully it was the infection, and it went away.
I hope it will for you too.
Get well soon!


I hope your hearing problem has been resolved. I had a similar experience one year with an ear infection...

I had a high pitched ringing which nearly deafened me in the quiet of my home - and horrible sharp pain. After a few days of this and sleepless nights, I fell asleep on the sofa and woke the next morning feeling no pain but couldn't hear out of that ear very well. Aparently the pressure from the infection built up until my eardrum ruptured (popping a small hole in my eardrum). Blood had oozed out of my ear (I know, this sounds horrible) but the traumatic experience released the pressure and my eardrum repaired itself. After a few months my hearing was back to normal.

I'm sure if the doctors say you'll have no damage then things will work themselfs out - the body does strange things sometimes, but is remarkable about healing itself. Hang in there man... use your artwork to purge the onset of madness! That's what I do, LOL.

All the best!



MANY many thanks for all your encouragments and kind words. i have been going through hard times for the last 25 days, and i am still having this tinnitus within me as a challenge. however, i am starting to accept it, and anxiety and depression is slowly going away. i will post an update about this whole tinnitus thing, as it is quite an amazingly weird sickness, and it was so hard to deal with it at first. it takes time.
i REALLY want you to all know that despite the rest i have been taking, i am always checking back on my blog, and have read all your messages more than once.
i saw several specialist, and especially one in france that knew so much about this symptom, that it made me feel better in no time.
i'll tell you more later.

take care you all

nicolas sparth


Nicolas, I'm sorry to hear about your noisome noises.
I get tinitus myself - although it doesn't seem as serious as yours. It's normally connected to ear, nose and throat infection.
Get well. I'll be in touch.


Sucks about your ear, I hope it gets better soon : [




J'éspère que ton infection passera vite. Je pèse pas lourd avec mon petit commentaire, mais je voulais juste laisser un petit mot d'encouragement.
Bon courage;, et BON ANNIVERSAIRE !!! :)

Miwa and Mikael

That's suck. Hope you'll get better.
Love you work.

joyeux anniversaire


Sorry to hear things are sucking for you right now . I hope it passes and you feel well soon man .
Vicadin , beer and good old vino - may not get rid of it , but you'll feel better (temorarily ). Hot whisky might sweat it out ......

Henry Elmo Bawden

I just stumbled onto your site. Great work. Sorry about the ear. I can relate though. I have what is known as adult otitis media. I have had it ever since I was a kid. Because of it I have 70% hearing loss in one ear and 30% in the other. So I basically only have one good ear between the two. Also I have to have ear tubes. I also can't get any moisture in my ear. Otherwise I get an immediate infection. I get an infection at least once every month or two. Then you have to take antibiotics, and all sorts of other crap that ends up making you sicker. Also I have had that constant annoying ringing my whole life. It is especially annoying when I am trying to sleep but have insomnia. I can't tell you how to fix it. However, I can give some advice to help. First, worse case scenario, if the ringing doesn't go away you will get used to it for the most part and will be able to forget about it. Many people have ear problems later in life that lead to the ear ringing. Second, sleeping on a rice bag (or anything you can warm up) helps relieve some of the pain (and occasionally the wax blockage). Another tip is to tilt your head down and using a hair dryer (low setting) blow a stream of warm air into the canal. Don't shove it right next to your ear, you don't want to burn yourself or get to much air pressure. But that warmth can sometimes help relieve the pain also. Sorry about your ear, but good luck getting over it. I really like your work. Good luck with that also.



A friend of mine has a similar problem a time ago, and it dissapeared not by the antibiotics but with heat and relax (sleeping a lot and any stress)cause it was a sicosomathic fungus infection caused by stress. So you know, don't worry and relax, It'll dissapear!

Living Rope

salut copaing.

je viens de lire ton histoire de tinnitus sur CA et j'imagine vraiment le calvaire que ça doit être. Bon malheureusement j'ai pas de solution à t'apporter bien sûr, donc je t'envoie juste mon soutien et mes ondes positives (des trucs en fréquence super sympa t'inquiète !), genre comme fait Abe dans Oddworld "ionionionion...".

Oh, et sinon je viens de recevoir mon D'artiste: Concept Art, et je voulais te féliciter parce que c'est vraiment un très beau bouquin. Ballistic a mis le paquet, et en terme de contenu c'est de la balle atomique. j'ai appris plein de choses sur ton process, et les tutos fumette de Androïd m'a bien fait rigoler.

take extra care my friend,


I have had the same problem for about 4 weeks, I am a musician that has been pounding my ears for years, however only light hearing loss, and the doctor says the same thing, IT is a viral infection, so i took meds for 4 weeks and it has gone down a little but not that much, he did say you wont wake up one day and it be gone but that it fades into the background, right now, its right up front destroying my life, depression has been setting in for me as well, I am about to lose my job over it. I have invested my whole life into music and film, I am 37, one day happy going to studio, stopped and the store and it hit me in the store, my life hasnt been the same since, no sleep, no eating, no social life, they say you can get use to this but I dont see how its just terrible!!!!!!!!


I would highly recommend Tinnitus Miracle Book to anyone who suffers from the horrible symptoms of tinnitus and to those who live with those who suffer.


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