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dalmatian island

back to digital.
i have been going much better since last week. really having the feeling of going out of this crazy period of stress and tinnitus. i can now create with an intense pleasure, exactly like before this episodic ear ringing thing. i just hope it is going to last. fingers crossed.

here's an island done for a friend who helped me a lot during these moments. she has been having tinnitus herself for 18 years, and she has succeeded in keeping herself live and cheerful, even though there are still hard times for her. i admire her strengh and dedication, and wanted to give here this illustration as a tribute or a present.

it is her island. in which she can escape with her dalmatians. it does not remove the ringing in the ears, but if it can make her more relax, then i'll have the feeling of having partly succeeded.

more soon.
my wip folder is full.


Comments for this entry


Très joli! (Ca me donne envie de partir en vacances, pourtant j'en revient!).
Je suis content de savoir que ça va un peu mieux pour toi, vivement la suite! =)
Take care.


Nice - love the water and the delicate structure on the island .Great colour combination overall especially like the atmospheric mood the sky provides .Good to hear your back painting - can't wait to see more .


Beautiful painting Sparth..

Glad to see you are doing much better =)


Joli! Moi je pars justement lundi pour une île minuscule en Ecosse.
J'aime surtout le fond avec les brumes et les plans à peine suggérés. Et puis le drapeau est rigolo!

Shelly Wan

Congrats! It's very pretty. ^0^


beautiful place.Wonderful color

Kait K.

just amazing :o
i`l keep my figers crossed too...

Alex D

good to hear your getting better again. i am feeling with ya, and i hope the tinnitus wont come back. =)

great art, your back! ;)


Whoo, very nice done sparth :)
Linked your Blog on my profile btw, good stuff! I wish too see you more over at!

Keep it up and hope you're alright!


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