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Assassin's Creed

looks like "assassin's creed" is near completion, and artworks are starting to appear here and there. CGsociety has just released an article on the subject, mainly oriented around the artistic direction and concept design of the game. i gave them a tiny tiny interview concerning my contribution to this project, and they're also featuring my friends raphael lacoste and vyle. left the project at the end of 2005, and it's actually fun seeing things from two years ago being finally shown. here's a concept of one of the cities.

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waouu, ambiance de dingue,
ca me rappele du delacroix mais je saurais pas trop dire pourquoi =]


If artwork alone could led me to buy a game, I would purchase AS. What I've seen so far is very good stuff.

Ben Mauro

nice Sparth!

its interesting to see the progression of the art direction on the project. much of the early art seemed to be more colorful, before they settled on the final blue tinted look.

looking forward to the final game.

Benjamin Plouffe

Ohhhh nice!!!

David Cousens

Very nice mate. Love the mood in the image. Hope you're doing well!

Pere Balsach

Top art as always man!
Keep them comming! :D

Thanks for sharing

Francesco Lorenzetti

Nice job!


excellent atmosphere and lightings.
always inspiring!

Ramsés Meléndez

The art work is fantastic!

Borja Guillot

Incredible illustration!! I love the mood, the quiet that precedes the storm. Great work


Another great painting, sparth. I had to stop painting for a little while, while I work on comic book stuff, but after looking at this I want to go home an paint. Keep these coming, because I'm such a big fan of your work.

Sketch House

Beautiful work- Im looking forward to the game.


stunning work


Looking SWEET


Looks great, a little different then your usual style, and I wish I could see more of the concept art....any more to come from Assasins Creed?

Randy Bantog

looks great. I can't wait to play the game.

Dawid Michalczyk

Nice work. I especially like the mood.

Thom Tenery

Awesome! I can't wait for the rest of the art to be released.

Packo’s art and tattoo Studio

great man ..... ur just great

Raghu G

great work..!!


WOW! I Love it...
and i thing thats good for you >>

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