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tripod or octopod or else

don't know why, but this one had to be rapidly extracted from my mind. it was pretty impulsive. i guess that i create better when things are dictated by impulse.

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Tom Scholes

Love it <3
Any significance to the 8?

Was very inspiring to sit next to you and watch you paint during the Seattle workshop. Thanks very much!


Very nice!!! Oo
The atmosphere is ... I have no words to describe it!


tom: 8 for octopus? :D it's also that the 8 is a very "pleasant" number, moebius knot etc etc.
concerning the workshop, it was very nice. i was hoping being able to finish a piece or something, but i was very disturbed by the sound coming out of the speakers from the main stage area. it'll be for next time i guess :D
you've got very nice images on your blog. i perfectly remember the lower pieces too. adding you to my links.
gaetan: thanks! keep it up :D


Sorry for my french english..

Very Beautiful work. I love your science fiction.

I'll be back to enjoy watching your work.


Too cool .

Nice one :)

Eric Gerhard

Very nice one... I'm intending to publish a comic book about gunslinger in Brazil, my homeland, but every time I see something like this from you, I almost change my mind... but of course my partner would never allow me to do so... She'd say I'm losing focus.... I say "It's Sparth's fault", hahaha

Thanks for sharing!



You have influenced my art a lot. You have been my inspiration for a long time...

I am amazed by the kind of work u do.
Please encourage me by dropping few words at


A. Riabovitchev



Very nice piece! I think this one really captures my imagination.


salut Nicolas,
j'aime beaucoup the whitethingy de ton post precedent, dans un esprit "vite et bien". Encore merci d'etre passe sur parvo :)


awesome scale. Great pic


J'aime beaucoup celui-là.
J'adore comme tu as "jeté" le volume sur le tripod.



I am an industrial designer from Athens, Greece. I also paint traditionally with acrylics. What I'm usually interested in is buildings, machines, conceptual and mysterious environments etc. My problem is that I cannot find what it is I want to paint... How do I start conceptualizing? What do YOU usually do? Do you take photos and go from there, or what? How do you go about thinking of what you want to paint?

I would appreciate any input on the above blabberings...


Always love the sparth knowledge.

Randy Bantog

looks sweet, I dig the design of the octopod.


Just thoguht I would stop by and say hey. yourself and Ryan Church are the reason Ipick up a pencil, so I thought I would stop by and say thanks.


Tom Scholes

:D Thanks for adding me to your links! Made my day.

I was really a bit pissed off that they had you right next to the speaker, glad to see you had ear plugs. Next time then! Can't wait for the book :)

Billy George

Beautiful work! Its always inspiring to see the new stuff on your blog.


Wonderful composition. I really need to get into the computerl.

joe y elio


Stathis asked the same questions I have.. can you describe your process to us briefly?

Do you use software, which ones? Do you use a digital tablet for the whole thing, or scan in line art and paint from there?

I'm very impressed with your work, you've got a gift for certain! Oh, one more question.. in past blog postings you've mentioned that some of the art was done quickly. When you say quick, are you talking a few hours or many hours?

Davi Blight

sparth i miss you.

was nice meeting up with you at the workshop and staring at you and your thousand layers.

keep up the great work!

Ramsés Meléndez

Awesome octopus!


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Bryan Wynia

Fantastic images. this last one is amazing. thanks for sharing!


great jobs sparth.. i do add to my link?!?..seriously i'll be back to watching your incredible works...(sorry for the english) !!!!!!!


Amazing! I am speechless...

Danny Kim aka Danky

Always so inspiring!!! I hope one day I can work with you. :)

Mike Sekowski

I can't wait to get my hands on a copy of Structura. These images only make the wait that much more unbearable.

Hope you're doing better.

Packo’s art and tattoo Studio

you are too good in this kind of concepts man ..... just amezing

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