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happy new year!

Happy New Year to all of you!
i've been very silent lately. two reasons for this. first of all we're now a family of 5. Baby Zelie was born on december 9, 2008. she's a very easy baby, to the point where we were wondering why she was sleeping so much during the first 20 days! her two brothers are very kind with her, so fascinated by this little squeeking thing.

The second reason is that i will very soon leave Texas and IDsoftware in order to go to Seattle. it's always a bit difficult to take that type of decision, since we had our house here, as well as a permanent sun throughout the year. No matter where destiny leads us, that's the way it goes. I can assure you that planning a move with a new born baby and two kiddoes is not an easy task for sure!

I've been doing a lot of Concepts for RAGE since 2005, and i hope these images will one day pop out of the boxes for your viewing pleasure. i'll probably look back at these in a few months with a lot of Nostalgia.
here's two concept arts showed to the press last year.

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Vladimir Bursać

Hey Nicolas,
congrats for the new baby! She's really wonderful, as her brothers, too! How happy man you are!

Images are great, as always... :o)

Good luck in Seattle!


Peter Breese

Congrats. Wonderful picture and the images are fantastic.

We too are having a little one then moving soon thereafter - very nerve wracking, but we do what we must.

Congratulations again.


A new baby and a new home, it is indeed a great year. God willing you will be well with your new home and happy with your family.

There is a comic con in Seattle I'll be attending it would be so wonderful if you made it.



Hah, congrats on the third kid! I'm kinda jealous cause that means less time for crazy art. =)

Seattle, hmm, give us more info! Now that you've done ID are you going to work with Valve? =D
Good luck with the move!


I`d say yeah baby yeah!!!
can`t wait to see you soon Nicolas, always hard to take such decisions but it`ll be fun afterward.


Félicitations, et tous mes voeux de bonheur à tous les 5, en espérant que 2009 soit une année propice en concept et en claquage rétinien pour nous.

Tom Scholes

Congratulations Nicolas!
Can't wait to see more from RAGE.
Best of luck in Seattle!


Salut Nicolas! Bonne Année! Tu vas faire quoi comme boulot a Seattle?

Benjamin Plouffe

great stuff man. congrats on the baby.


A happy new year to you too my friend! Beautiful work, and beautiful kids! Bein a dad is great isn't it!?!? Good luck with the move!

David Cousens

Congrats Nicolas!

Princess Fickiliana

Congratulations on the baby. she is adorable and soo sweet :D and so does her brothers look like.

I really like the style of ur illustrations they are fabulous!!

good luck with the moving :D

Jawn Lim

Congrats Nicolas! Wow... big family now! How r u ever going to find time to paint anymore? It is amazing how you keep the dreams coming! Keep it up! TTYL.

Mike Sekowski

Hey Sparth,
Congratulations on the newest member to your family and best of luck on the road ahead. Always a pleasure looking at your work. Thanks.


THe paintings are beautiful!

Marco Bucci

beautiful work, and I hope you have more for us soon. Congratulations on the little girl!

Eric Gerhard

Hey, Sparth!

God bless you and your family...

Good luck on your new decision!

Best regards, from a great fan of yours.

Danny Kim aka Danky

Congrats and good luck with your new chapter in life.
Always your work inspires me.


Sébastien Larroudé

Félicitation Nico, elle est absolument magnifique !!
Je suis a Vancouver avec Thierry pour 3 mois. J'espère que nous aurons l'occasion de nous voir (peut être a Seattle, ici ou ailleurs).


I love your stuff man.

Andy Park

Congrats on the new baby and the new job! Awesome artwork too! => Can't wait to see more!

jason hazelroth

super cool work, I really love the lighting

Jordan Lamarre-Wan

Hi Nicolas,

Very nice work! Nice kid pictures too.

I was familiar with your work but had no idea you were in Texas. I have a similiar career path. I'm from Montreal and came to Austin Texas for work.

I wish you and your family all the best with your career move!

gousmanov vadim

P.S. Sparth - great Artist!


Any chance that you could post those two images at desktop sized resolutions? Your artwork makes some great wallpapers, but recently your uploads to the blog are pretty small in size.


Welcome to Seattle!

Dallas's loss - our gain!


Hey Sparth!!

hearty wishes for the new member in ur family! hope this brings in more joy and togetherness in life!

Thanks for posting new work, ur work has always inspired me for the last 4 years, cannot thank you enough for that!! Just wish u luck and finally when is tht GNOMON DVD gonna release!! :P

Best wishes and regards


Congrats. Wonderful picture and the images are mind blowing..

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