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ImagineFX interview in issue 53

I wanted to mention this article with an interview i did for the very kind folks from ImagineFX. I've had an exciting time working with them on it, and i would also like to thank them for their patience, as i've been slower than a snail nowadays when it comes to give materials on time.

In the US, ImagineFX is usually available at Barnes & Nobles as well as at Borders. you can visit this page in order to check availability depending on the country. It should be out in the United Kingdom on January 12, 2010, and three weeks later in the rest of the world.

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David Demaret

it rocks!:)
ca vallait le coup de se faire chier:)


Great article. Got me juiced up! :)


Wow j'attends d'avoir le magazine, ça m'a l'air génial ce que tu as fait!


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