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Naval myth

Another fast sketch leading to weirdness. thanks for your attention and comments!

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Joe Gloria

Encore une superbe composition, j'essaie toujours de capter comment tu poses ton lighting et ta colorimétrie...

Mike Sekowski

Breathtaking weirdness that is! I love the lone figure just standing in the boat, taking in all that lies in front of him. Personally, one of the most impressive aspects to your work has always been your ability to tell a story within a single image, and this is certainly no exception. I just love visiting your site. Cheers.


Kairo: merci bien

Mike: thanks for the kind words really. The funny thing is that I used to listen to a lot of music, weather it be ambient or movie scores, in order to stimulate my mind. In some ways, these scenes were entirely derived from the music and the atmospheres. Most of the time I preferred when i could feel the nostalgia.
In order to preserve my ears, I slowly got used to not listening to anything any more. It's been a bit less than a year now. And as a result, I often "think" about the music which is not there, extrapolating the best I can, forcing the brain to recreate its own. It.s a lot of fun, but also a challenge.

Mohammed Zaid
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Mohammed Zaid

silence of the water..enchanting n mysterious land..i jus love that boat lifted for repair or under construction..weird!! :)

A. Riabovitchev

Another lovely piece!:o)I like te mood.

Annis Naeem

Really love the treatment you gave to the guy/boat.

Jordan Lamarre-Wan

I love how your images read so well!!



David Holland

Amazing! The colours are fantastic!

Sylvia Liu
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TREVOR Simonsen

Love the value on this one


great post, and interesting to hear about your process thinking about music

Andrey Egorov


vitalik shu

amazing!!!! looks like limbo for me )))))))))


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