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Hunchback Racer

a personal image done in a few hours.

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Hey sparth
lovely atmosphere with that smoky dusty feel.. Pleasure to watch as always !


Ahhhhh........Amazing... Great lighting.

Finn Clark

Really love the mood of this piece. Nice work!

Romain Jouandeau

ouaaa ca poutre!!!


Wonderful! In addition to the ship itself I really love all the detail you put into the workstations and hoses underneath!


Annis Naeem

this one is my new fav from you. Absolutely love the attention to the ship.

Camille Alquier

aie O_o ca fait toujours aussi mal à la rétine !

Well done !

Charlène Le Scanff

Impressionnant... Je sais pas ce qui me fascine le plus: le degré de détails ou l'utilisation de la lumière, magistrale...


Wow, this one is great, makes me want to model it!




Aaaah, thanks for the link. I am a great fan of your technique and unique style. Each of your images is surprising in a new way. truly jaw-dropping!



Xavier Yabut

Great environment design and colors!

Joe Gloria

Ce bleu électrique et ce lighting...Doux jésus


hey il est fort celui ci! je ne sais pas pourquoi mais il change des autres illus qu'on voit habituellement; p-e le point de vue, ou juste le sujet et son point de vue...l'ambiance colorée est superbe!


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