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ecosystem with stripes

here's the new addition to the house. i decided a while ago to go back into aquariums, but with saltwater this time. here's our two clownfishes as well as several soft corals that are quite amazing, especially one of them, that looks like a tree with hands at the end of each branch. the hands open and close each three seconds. the live rocks are also fascinating, as a lot of things happens on them. you can even see worms and amazing algees growing on them in some areas.

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I've always liked aquariums . Is the salt water maintenance more time consuming than the fresh water ?
Pretty relaxing to look at them .


ptain ça c'est fort !!! hyper réaliste !!! lol

Braden Matt

Nice pics. Marine environments are the coolest. There really is so much life that is down there that we really don't know about. Great for concepting ideas. Damn I wish I had gills.

Tirso Cons

Pretty nice!

I miss my saltwater aquarium! :-(

I had a 150l with lots of hard and soft corals and a good eco of fishes (including clowns, of course :-P)

... err...
and... pretty paintings! love your job!




man that is so cool... I want one now =(


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